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Game Closet Makeover

Part of our redecorating and remodeling was moving the laundry room door from the RoseRoom to the game closet which was just around the corner. I disliked the fact, that whenever anyone came into our home the first thing they saw across the room was our laundry room...even though it had a door it was a glass door and usually open.

View from Front Door

Since this post is about the game closet, the 'After' picture of this wall will be shown on a later post. (Hint: it looks so cool now!)

These are Before shots of the game closet...
It was a menagerie collection of
games, toys, school supplies and misc.

(I know it looks very messy, but this is how it always looked)

Now here are the Before and After shots...

Right Side

The tote on the shelf above the barn contains the toys.
The next tote up contains all the school supplies.
The next tote has wooden building blocks and above
that is the tote of hard plastic animals.
Notice the jar of crayons and the jar of markers...

The wooden soldiers are a treasure from my Mom.

The items in the candy jars used to be
all jumbled up in a small metal bucket.
I love the colorful and fun way they look now!

Left Side
 All the board games are hidden behind the curtain
 The white shoe boxes contain card games and smaller games...I didn't want them getting lost among the big board games

One thing that made me sad with the re-do was loosing these precious hand print of my kids...but they had to go to make room for the new laundry room doorway.  *sniffle*

Our handyman was quite surprised when he stared cutting out the new laundry room doorway...he found the wall was made up of 4"X12" boards...this project took quite a bit 
longer than originally planned.  
I guess that's one of the horrors joys of living 
in a house thats almost 100 years old!

Shot of what our Game closet used to look like...yuck!

 Shot of what it looks like Now...yeah!
I am very pleased with the transformation!!!

(Now my poor laundry room is screaming for some attention)



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