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Shoppe - Lucy's Sheep Camp

BaaBaa black sheep have you any wool? 

I have had such a fun time getting to know Billie Jo and her shop called Lucy’s Sheep Camp!   Every time I enter Lucy’s Sheep Camp site I get a good laugh!Billie Jo is a rare and delightful woman!  Watch this short video…

She takes her wool through almost every step of the process!  I just got off the phone with her where she gave me the steps her wool goes through:
1.       Lambing.  At Lucy’s Sheep Camp they breed their sheep to get the best wool possible.
2.       Sheering.  The sheep are shorn either once a year or twice a year, depending on the type of wool.
3.       Skirting table. This is where the wool gets sorted, cleaned of any vegetable matter, and graded… getting rid of any bad wool,  and second cuts (which means the sheerer went over the same spot on the sheep twice and got a cut of short stubby wool).
4.       Bagged and Labeled.  The wool from each sheep is kept in a separate bag with the sheep’s ear tag # and what the product will become…roving, yarn or felt.  Billie Jo calls all the shots!
5.       Processing.  The wool is taken to a place in Kansas where it is scoured (wash in hot water), carded (for roving), spun (for yarn),or felted  (for felt).
6.       The wool is shipped back to Billie Jo in its natural color.
7.       Dyed.  There are 2 different ways that Billie Jo dyes her wool:
a.       Kettle dying, which produces a solid more uniform color. 
      Just like the title implies, the wool is dyed in a mixture 
      in a pot on the stove.

b.      Space dying, which produces a more variegated look. This is done by mixing the dye mixture  in a quart bottle, squirting it directly onto the wool,  then wrapping it in saran wrap and steaming it for about 20 minutes (like steaming vegetables).

8.       Dried, labeled, shipped out or put in her ‘Lucy’s Sheep Camp’ shop.

Now I ask you, is this woman amazing?  Yes!

Billie Jo sent me one of her Fiber Therapy kits…the name of it is perfect!

This is what it came with:

and this is what you will need to finish the project: felting needle and/or felting tool (available at most craft stores) and a sewing needle! 

I plan on working this project during the Christmas break with my girls!

One item that might not be listed in her shop yet, but I just fell in love with is her Wool Covered Soap!  It is a wool bag containing a bar of natural soap (which I have personally used and is of the highest quality).  When you use this to suds up in the shower, the wool acts as a gentle scrub and actually shrinks to fit the soap bar after each use! Ask her about this and other great Christmas gifts!
I invite you to spend a delightful time checking over her SHOP and looking through her CATALOG!
There are several places you can purchase Lucy’s Sheep Camp wool…directly from Billie Jo’s shop in Thermopolis Wyoming, ‘The Yarn Shop’ in Jackson Hole Wyoming, or ‘Wild Purls’ in Montana.  If you don’t happen to be passing through any of these places you can order directly from her catalog.

Here is a little write up Billie Jo did for you…
I am a Wyoming born and raised ranch girl.  After college, my husband and I moved back to the ranch where we raise cattle and sheep.  We raise Rambouillets, Teeswaters and Wensleydales and opened a shop in our backyard where we carry our wool in the form of yarn, roving and felt.  I do all of the dyeing in the backroom/bathroom (my favorite part of the whole process).  We hold classes several times a month and the sheep are right off the patio so that you can get a good view of what the wool looks like "on the hoof."  
We feel very blessed to be able to live the ranching and farming life and raise our daughter with the values and work ethic that our occupation provides.

This is my last Monday Holiday Shoppe review for this year.  I have so enjoyed doing this and I hope you all have gotten some good ideas for your holiday shopping and maybe a few I deals for yourself!

Disclosure – The product(s) featured were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation 


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