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Shout Out!

I have several blog friends...amazing people that I've met through blogging, one of them is Grace over at Blessed Elements. She has a way of putting into words what I feel in my heart. 

Her post today was no exception, I hope you enjoy it and will stop by and say hi!

A Day To Cook

I’m not fond of cooking so I take a day and cook several meals for the refrigerator and the freezer. That way I just pull meals out instead of cooking every day ugh!
It is just my husband and I now so for some reason I don’t think it is fun to cook anymore.
I think back on the times I cooked and created new recipes in my kitchen when my children were small with fond memories of fun. Raising children gets expensive and lots of times I cooked to hide the times I was pinching a penny until it screamed. If you have interesting foods to eat I think it makes the sparse times go smoother.
The special times at the dinner table transformed the times of lack into abundance and great quality times which produced special memories.
We always sat at the table as a family. Do you sit at the table to eat your meals?


  1. Aren't you sweet! Thanks for the shout out and I absolutely love your new blog and its design. You did a great job.
    My first thought when I saw it was...PERFECT
    Have a great day.

  2. Thanks Grace, I really like blue and everything has just come into place...


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