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Jennifer and Jared's Oriental Garden

This garden is shared by Lulu and Beaver. They both participated in martial arts and this garden was designed after their interest in the orient.  It is a peaceful garden to come and meditate.

Located next to Chips pond, the sound of trickling water, coupled with a beautiful sunset makes this garden the perfect place to end the day.

The orange woodchips give a delightful contrast to the blue-green hue of the 
snow-on-the-mountain ground cover.  When the orange daylilies bloom it is lovely!

This garden is easy to maintain, just a bit of weeding and watering!
Very kid friendly!

The kids wanted a peach tree so they could sit in their garden and eat!!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Lulu and Beavers 'Oriental Garden'

Click HERE to tour Chip's Pond.


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