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Free Flizbins Download

This entertaining video for kids is being offered FREE for the month of December.  ChicagoStreetStudios producers of Flizbins is a faith based company. 

I enjoyed watching their FREE download of 
Cowboys and Bananas.  
My favorite part was the banana shoot-out! At the end of the video they also teach the kids how to do some of the dance steps from the movie, which was really exciting!

For your FREE download of Cowboys and Bananas, follow the link:

And the password is: Vj8120x

While your there, check out their other videos!  This is an excellent choice for a fun-filled Christmas gift for the kids in your life!



  1. Just wanted to stop in and wish you a good morning, Becky Jane....pray all is going well with you today and your Christmas Season is full of jolly ho ho ho's.....! Hugs

  2. @Rhonda, Thanks for stopping in. I always enjoy your visits! Good Morning to you too!

  3. This looks like such an excellent film and I'll go down load it to watch. I am posting tomorrow about a film I watched and was going to share with the grand kids but it went into the trash. Glad to know there is a place I can now find something I want them to watch.
    Thank you for this post and opportunity to watch this film.

  4. Thanks Becky Jane, I just told Grace I was going to check it out as soon as I get a chance.

  5. My girls won't stop asking me to play the dance step part. I think I know it by heart now! :)

  6. Oh, this looks adorable to share with the kiddos. We like VeggieTales for all the holidays, too. Great find :)


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