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My Christmas Wish For Each Of You

Here is a short video clip from one of my favorite Christmas movies, The Bishops Wife.  It says so beautifully what is in my heart this season! (Move video courser to start at 0:47)

This movie, along with a neighbor of mine, inspired me to hang up an empty stocking as part of our Christmas decorations.  It's a special stocking for the Christ Child.  Under the stocking sits a notepad and pencil.  During the season, everyone is invited to write down something they want to give the Savior. (Like was suggested in the video clip).  They fold the paper and put it in the stocking. No one ever looks at it...year after year the stocking gets fuller and fuller with gifts notes and hopefully good deeds and changed lives.

Merry Christmas to each one of you!



  1. Good Morning Becky Jane, neat thought about the empty stockings....I tried to get the video to play "error occured try again" I will try and get back to you sometime later in day ...or evening...Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. What a great idea Becky Jane... You always come up with such neat things.

    Have a great day!!

  3. that's a really beautiful idea miss becky

  4. What a wonderful idea. I hope your Christmas is blessed.

  5. I'm going to have to rent or buy this movie because my headphones aren't working tonight and you've got my curiosity up now. Looks like a great film

  6. What a great video clip. Hope you're enjoying this holiday season.
    Merry Christmas :)

  7. Oh wow! What a great idea! You'd think as a faithful Catholic I'd have thought of something like that years ago, but nope. I am sooo doing that tomorrow!

    Oh the movie too. Black and whites, my favs :)

    Merry Christmas friend

  8. Merry CHRISTmas Becky Jane! I have never seen this movie. Now I am intrigued. I adore Christmas movies!

  9. So precious. Love what your family does with the empty stocking! HOPE you and your family has a CHRISTmas full of lots of sweet blessings from HIM!!!

  10. What a great idea! :)
    Merry Christmas Becky Jane :) God Bless!

  11. This is a nice thought...Merry Christmas to you!!


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