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Portrait of a Hero - Kim

Today's Hero is my good friend Kim at 

When I started reading her blog she posted that she has Multiple Sclerosis.  She was going to work at getting out of her wheelchair and start using a walker.  I was amazed at her determination and faith in God.

In my phone interview with Kim, she contributed her success to...

I wanted to get rid of my wheelchair and start using a walker.  More and  more I think God is behind it all. Doctors, chiropractors, and pharmacists are the tools God uses to help me feel better. 

I still have to have a walker but I can stand longer now. I'm  forcing myself to stand longer and longer to strengthen my muscles.

When I asked her about the journey her illness has taken her on I expected her to comment on how she began to develop a personal relationship with God, but she replied...

My illness started when I was about 20 years old. I've had it now for about 30 years.  Ever since I was a little girl, I recognized God in My life.  I tried to live right since I was a little girl.  I have developed more compassion for people because of this sickness.  I also try to understand why people do what they do instead of judging first…

Having children wasn’t that big of a deal when I was younger, but raising my family has been one of my greatfest accomplishment  I have two kids 24 and 21 years old.

Have there been certain people that have helped you along your path?

 My husband has been there 26 years.  He knew I would be in a wheelchair.   He has tried to help me be as independent as possible making sure I had a van and home equipped with handicapped tools available.

My kids never saw me walk until recently.  A lot of the time my kids would forget to tell their friends that their mom is in a wheelchair.  It would startle their friends.  My kids didn't really think of me as being in a wheelchair...I was just Mom!
Thankfully, my husband likes to cook. I like to clean the house. My husband is messy and he likes me to clean.  I'm a clean freak.  In many ways our opposites compliment each other! 

When I'm discouraged I like to listens to Christian music.  It helps me feel calm.  Reading the Bible also gives me courage to continue...just not to give up, to keep hope.  I did not really expect to walk again?  My Mom always thought I would and I would say sure Mom, if I do, that will be great.  Since she is in heaven now, I think about what she said.  

When I asked her if she had anything special she wanted to say to you, she replied...

Tell your readers to keep hoping, praying.  Whatever it takes, it can get better.....
To learn more about this courageous woman, I invite to to take a stroll through her blog.  Make sure to click on her tabs at the top of her blog!



  1. Thanks for telling us about this inspiring lady! I'm following her now, too!
    I just gave you the Stylish Blogger Award! Congratulations! You can read about it here:
    Have a blessed Friday!

  2. Wow, this is such a nice article! You did a great job profiling me :) I do not feel like a Hero, just ordinary me....Thanks so much for this honor!

  3. I love the people you meet on your journey through blogosphere. I was thinking today that when trouble pops up in my life then I should be encourages as it teaches me to strive for what I'm missing in life and if the trouble didn't pop up then perhaps I wouldn't leave where I am at spiritually and grow to a new dimension.
    I'm sailing on the ship of Twisted Scavenger today matey and got you covered. :)

  4. Lisa, thank you for the award! You are so kind!

  5. You are welcome Kim. It is such a privilege getting to know you better. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!

  6. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. I'm off to visit her blog. Hugs
    P.S. happy blogaversary

  7. i love this series you are doing- so inspiring!

  8. Beautiful post! I'm sharing this!

  9. I had to share on Facebook, with a tissue alert attached to it. What a wonderful inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow! What an incredible testimony. She is certainly on my prayer list now :D

  11. you are so great becky.. thank you for sharing and reminding us on what's important!

  12. Your friend sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing her story. So many people in this world could learn a lot from her. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award. You can read more about it here:
    Talk to you soon!

  13. How beautiful. Kim is well deserving of the the honor you have given her.

    I love the concept of your blog and will be returning for more inspiration.

    Shine on!

  14. This is a truly inspirational story. Thanks for sharing it. There are days when I feel down because of my illnesses and hearing stories like this helps uplift me.

    Stopping in from Twisted Scavengers. I am the newest crewmember!!

  15. I first met Kim a 20 something years ago...she amazed me then and she even more amazes me now...her gentle spirit and uplifting outlook on life is an inspiration to all....

  16. I've been on a journey in my own life for three years, of attempting to have what I believe is MS diagnosed. It's encouraging to see people who struggle with illness rely on God for strength, thanks for sharing her story!

  17. Beck...hope all is well and you can get some results with your diagnosing.

  18. Wow, what an amazing series! I have a disease very similar to MS and I feel like it was meant to be for me to be introduced to Kim.

    I'm following you both now from VoiceBoks.

  19. Becky Jane, Thank you for sharing Kim's story with us! She offers many encouraging words for those who struggle in our daily lives...

  20. Beautiful and inspiring life story.

  21. I found your blog through Kim. She is awesome. Very inspiring and TOUGH! Heading out to check out more of YOU. Thanks for featuring such a cool lady.

  22. What a wonderful way to celebrate a friend! Very inspiring story and I love the name of her blog!!! I'm gonna head over there now!

    Just stopping by from voiceBoks!

    Have a great week!

  23. Wow! I love to hear such inspiring stories. Not only do I think Kim is an awesome woman, but what a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing her story!

  24. So glad to meet all you wonderful people...thank you for your thoughtful comments!

  25. Perfect pick, Kim is an amazing woman.

  26. I love this lady. Her blog is so uplifting.


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