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These 2 Darling Faces...

These 2 darling faces belong to my brothers.
Believe it or not, they are like no others.

These 2 darling faces drove my mother crazy.
When they were on the prowl, no one was lazy.

These 2 darling faces, believe it or not,
Drove me to insanities brink quite a lot.

These 2 darling faces brought joy and delight.
And when anyone hurt their sister, they put up a good fight.

These 2 darling faces, believe or not,
Belong to my brothers and I love them A LOT!



  1. Fun! Great sentiment and pictures, brothers (and sisters) are a treasure.

  2. They look like they could have caused some trouble when they were kids. Looks like they still do. lol Brothers are great. I have 2.

  3. You are exactly correct Karen...they spell TROUBLE no matter what age they're at....they are a lot of fun to be around!

  4. Fantastic post - having only one sister (who I have no contact with, due to her history of violence), I never got to experience grown up sibling interaction, for myself. BUT, it has been so rewarding to see my children, in adult sibling relationships. To listen to them reminisce about their childhood...and to "rat" each other out - oh we are learning so much!

    Thanks so much for stopping by "my place":-)

  5. How sweet!!! It's just me and my brother and I rarely see him...but he's kinda like Eyore in Winnie the Pooh..."woe is me"!! ;-)

  6. Neas, my grown up kids do the same many unsolved mysteries and unknown adventures are being revealed...most of which I'd rather not

  7. I agree they look like they were Trouble to their sister :) but loved also!

  8. I didn't have any brothers, just one sister. Love the photos.

  9. What a precious tribute to your brothers! I love it! I'm sure they will too!

  10. i have 2 bothers- neither of whom was darling, lol

  11. I'm willing to bet they can still get into some trouble, as brothers often do!!

  12. Samantha,
    My brothers would probably cringe if they saw me using the word 'darling' in connection with's just a sisters way of getting back at
    One is a Deputy Sheriff and the other teaches religion classes to teenagers all day. They are cool dudes for sure!

  13. That is such a nice poem. I don't have brothers, but I do have sisters. And I am extremely close with all 3 of them.

    It's always nice to be have such a fun and loving relationship with your family.

  14. Those 2 darling faces looks like "treasures" to the laughter on their faces! Thanks for sharing Becky Jane ..they appear to be the life of the party, the guilty ones, and the loved one....sweet!


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