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Wheelchair Gardening

I gardening!  
Let me spend the entire day outside and I am a very happy girl. 
*In whispered tones...shhh...I dislike housecleaning and cooking.*
It took me a long time to figure out how to garden from a wheelchair, but with the help of CL, we've got a garden 
that I can access in my wheelchair.
This is our Vegetable garden...sidewalks so I can see it all!

This is our flower garden 'Sweet Memories'...sidewalks galore...

Doing a Google search I found some more ideas for 
Wheelchair Gardening. 

I chose these styles, because they 
let me get my hands right in the dirt!



  1. Becky Jane, your garden is so well thought out! It's great that there is an accessible way to enjoy such a wonderful hobby!! I still garden the "traditional" way. I'm usually on the ground on my hands and knees, thank goodness my sister or niece are there to give me a "hand-up"!! Your links to all the raised beds are very thoughtful, there is so much info out there to make gardening easier for all!

  2. Very cool! I am so glad you are able to dig in the dirt. It is a true joy of mine. I just love to watch my goodies grow. I have bad back pain so my Hubs built me row beds and a raised bed. I can easily reach everything without overextending my back. If there is a will the Lord will provide a way :D

  3. I love how inventive you are and your garden looks beautiful.

  4. That is so great to move past any obstacles, and still accomplish your desires in life...very inspiring!...thank you:)

  5. Wow, that's amazingly creative and so pretty! (I hate cooking too and look for any excuse to avoid it.)

  6. That's fantastic! What a brilliant set-up!

  7. ...necessity is the mother of invention, Google is my access to the

  8. You are an amazing woman Becky, and NOT just because you have eleven children.

  9. AMAZING!!! I'm so glad you get to garden. There's absolutely nothing like being outdoors, I agree....and don't tell anybody, but I don't like housework, either!!! ;-)

  10. I hate the housework too!!! I'd much rather be planting something to COVER the outdoor mess than cleaning up the indoor ones!

  11. Really it is did nice job for wheelchair gardening..Thanks you.
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