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Is Pornography Effecting Your Relationships?

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Through the years, I have seen the destructive consequences that pornography has had on the lives of several people very close and dear to me.  It is a disease that can take over a persons life, but it can be controlled and erased from lives too. 

I have seen a loved one do this.  He was controlled by his addiction to pornography, but now he is once again in control of his life.  He is much happier and is able to have healthy and strong relationships!

If you, or someone you know has an addiction to pornography, there is help. ( I urge you to take the steps necessary to get control of your life, or help a loved one to get back in to control of their lives.



  1. No doubt that pornography destroys more than we realize...Thanks

  2. Great message. Sin always brings death, not just physical but emotional and spiritual as well. Thank goodness for truth that sets us free!

  3. Satan works in such subtle ways...but with God, all things are possible!

  4. Great topic! I know so many people who openly invite pornography into their marriage and don't realize what a slippery slope they are on. It is scary how subtle it can be.

  5. Thanks for all your support on this post!

  6. It really is an illness and one that destroys lives.


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