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Jokas Dinner Convesation

Actual conversation at the dinner table...

(Keep in mind that Joka[daughter] is 15 years old, Tatty [daughter] is 14, and Buster [son] is 12)

Joka: If I had to choose between being a cowboy or and Indian, I'd be an Indian.  Dad what would rather be?

Dad: I'd be Chief Rain in the Face!

Joka: Mom what would you rather be?

Mom (me): Probably a cowboy...

Joka: No you don't want to be a cowboy cause Indians are smarter. They know how to live off the land and do everything for themselves.  We could pitch a tent outside and live under the stars.  We could sleep under the trees and it would be so cool.

Buster:  Ya until a bird pooped on your head while you were sleeping.


Joka:  I'm going to be a Hindu or Budist person.  I have a friend in school that is Budist and she is so cool.


Joka:  I wish we lived in England.  Then we could wear British clothes and eat British food, and speak with a British accent.  How do British people talk? It would be so cool to live in England.  Mom would you like to live in England?

Dad:  I lived there for 2 years.

Joka:  I know Dad...does the company you work for have an office in England.

Dad:  Not in England but they have one in Belgium.

Joka:  Ask your company if you can work there.

Mom (me):  We'd have to render your Dad unconcious to get him there. (CL hates to fly and refuses to do it)

Joka:  It would be so fun deciding what to take...sort of like, I'll take this and not that...

Tatty:  We'd just take the whole house!

Joka:  What would we need to do in order to be able to go?  Would we need passports?

Tatty:  That is so neat!  My first passport!

Joka:  Dad would you go if your company said you had to go in order to keep your job?  Mom you'd go wouldn't you?  Please...

Dad:  Well, I sort of like where I am now.

Joka:  Oh Dad!  Where's your sense of adventure?  Your only 50+ years old...come on lets just do it.

Dad:  Well, Joka...give me a  couple of weeks to think about it. 
(knowing that this will pass and she'll be off on some other adventure by then).

Joka: You mean we can go?  This is going to be so cool. It would make up for all the trips we never went would be like one big family trip!

Tatty:  I don't want to move.



  1. Oh my word, so funny! I heard myself in her words, (20 years ago). I know I wore my parents out and kept them chuckling. Sounds like you have an imaginative one that keeps things hoppin'! So when are you moving :)

  2. Haaaahaaaa!!! It's funny because English people would love to be able to live here. Plus, you don't want to try to understand the funny accent all day long. It's tiring (my husband's English) =)

  3. I love this. Dinner time has made for some great conversations at our house too.

  4. Ha ha. If you move, you should move to CA.

  5. Love your precious kinda sounds like when we have both our GRANDsons in the car and they try to tell us something...both at the same time....very loud!!! ;-)

  6. Karen, we almost moved to CA..once a long time ago...does that count?

  7. LOL I love Family conversations at the table :)

  8. lol~ that's so funny~ XD
    i use to be like that when i was little too~ XD

  9. That was so hilarious! Gave me the biggest smile and just what I needed after a long day!

    I'm a new follower from voice boks. Have a great week!


  10. It certainly sounds like your dinner conversations are very interesting. She has a wonderful thought process. It might be interesting to harness some of that into creative writing or something along those lines.

  11. Becky Jane, that is too funny!
    I have just one question, have you started to pack yet?


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