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Shipwrecked in My Sisters Own Backyard...

Imagine driving down the street on a foggy morning and finding a ship mysteriously sailing in your neighbors back yard!

Or would it 'shiver yer timbers' to see a ghostly ship all lit up and sailing on land on a cold winters day?

What about sightings of Christopher Columbus searching for the West Indies?
If you're worried that you're loosing your mind and beginning to see things,  rest at ease matie, it's just my sisters backyard!

From groundbreaking to pretty much completed, it took my sister and her husband around 6 months to build their 43' ship. It is similar in size to the Nina, one of the ships that accompanied Christopher Columbus.

Complete with cannons

Crows nest and a friendly visiting pelican

A kids dream playground...

My sister and her husband have a philosophy for their ship...ANYONE is invited to 'play' on our ship if we're home.  All you have to do is ask. My sister says, that quite often there will be a knock on her door with a complete stranger asking to see their ship...she loves sharing their fun toy! 

Hundreds of people have been given access to their ship.  It's been used for wedding receptions, reunions, baby shower, birthday parties, youth activities, Family Home Evenings, picnics, guest house, and sleepovers.  

Being in a college town students from the college use the ship for creative and unique dates, including candlelight dinners, and treasure hunts.

They host field trips for the local schools...Columbus Day is a big day.  Over 80 grade school students and teachers come each year to hear Columbus (my brother-in-law) and Queen Isabella (my sister) tell their stories of discovering America!
Here's a look at the inside...

It comes complete with a captains quarters, my sisters own sanctuary...a place she can go and leave the world behind! the way, they're looking for authentic cannons and helm (steering wheel).  If you know of any, please let me know!



  1. How wonderful! That is indeed unique, and creative!

  2. This is fabulous, how fun! Love it my grandchildren would love it too. Hugs!

  3. Wow! That is amazing! I love the picture of the ship in the fog. What a cool thing to do!

  4. Pretty cool! Our backyard would not fit it!

  5. Awesome, I love that your sister and brother-in-law share it with others! I'm sure it's been a source of fun and joy for many...

  6. That first picture is amazing!

    Love it!

  7. I think sharing it is what makes it so much fun!

  8. I like the first photo best too...kind of a spooky eery ghost ship!

  9. That is just amazing!!!! How cool!!! I love that they dress up and take on the persona of Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella. Thanks for the great pictures too!!

  10. That is SO cool! I want one, lol!

  11. That is so great! The kids must have a blast with that! I can only imagine the creativity it must spark. I wish I had one!

  12. Oh, my....I want one!!! Wish I lived close to your sis!!! ;-)


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