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Mysterious Phone Call

Guess who's learned how to call Grandma...

The other morning I was in my studio and the phone rang.  The Caller ID said it was my daughter Rosebud.  I answered the phone all excited to have a good visit with my daughter...but all I heard was...

"Bappy, ers Babby. I unts Bappy."
(among other gibberish)

I sat listening to this for quite awhile before I realized it was my 21 month old grand daughter.  After a nice little visit, I asked her to go get Mommy, which she finally did.

Turns out she had gotten a hold of her Mommy's cell phone and somehow called me...

I was delighted!  

Mommy is concerned!



  1. Awwwww.... How cute!! Hold onto those moments now because they grow into teens. LOL

    I have 2 Granddaughters. One will call me quite often, the other never calls. I call and bug her just to let her know I am still alive and kicking.

  2. That is so sweet. Phone calls like that are priceless.

  3. Candida, she was so fun to listen to!

    Karen, I'm hoping it will happen again!

  4. That is the cutest thing ever. :)

  5. Our 5 year old GRANDson has started using his Momma's phone to call me!! Yours are starting much earlier than mine!!! ;-)

  6. This is great! My kids steal my phone all the time and whenever they call my parents, my parents just light up with joy. My son will sneak away with my phone and call my sister. Now my sister asks him over the phone if he has any cookies which gets him to yell "Cookie!" so I realize he's on the phone, lol!

  7. I love this!! My two year old nephew did this to my mom a few months ago and she loved it too!! My sister was not as thrilled!! But her son has been using her IPhone for the longest time. My favorite story happend a few months ago, they were waiting in the doctors office and my nephew took a look at my sisters phone and said, "Mom, look, no WIFI!! I sitll laugh when I think about it, again, my sister was not at amused!!

  8. So precious. I can't wait to be a grandma!

  9. Tykes Mom, You and your sister have a good system!

    Kathy, they learn way too fast...No WIFI is hilarious!

    Shanda, Being a G-ma is such fun!

  10. Awww...that's awesome! At least she didn't dial international and lose the phone!! : )

  11. That is so funny Becky Jane! Little Bit has been making calls for months now. He has called his Pap Pap who freaked out because no one answered and came over to check on us. He also called our lawn guy who called back and I had to explain that he very well may recieve more toddler calls. He has called a friend from church at 7am who freaked out and called me back wondering why I would call her at that time on a weekday morning. He is notorious for these antics. Glad you are getting these pleasant calls now too ;D

  12. So cute! I bet there will be many more phone calls coming to Grandma. Enjoy!

  13. That is so adorable. I look forward to having grandkids.


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