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ABC's Of Me

A – Ancestors, We have traced our family back to 800 AD.  It is fun to read about my ancestors!

B – Blue my favorite color.

C - Christ is  my dearest friends.

D – Dancing has been a big part of my life ever since I was a little girl. It sets my soul free!

E – Eggs and toast are my favorite breakfast.

F – Fish, I can’t stand sea food  I wish I liked it, but YUCK!

G – Grandma’s and Gardening are the best, so glad I’m one!

H – Holidays, all of them, will find my home decked out with decorations, music, movies, and FUN!

I – Ice cream is my greatest weakness!

J – Jogging, I dislike jogging (thank goodness I don’t have to do it anymore).

K – Kids and babies are so delightful to be around!

L  - Lance is my husband, my best friend, and my CHAMPION!

M – Mormon…I’m so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  With a living prophet and 12 Apostles to lead us and give us the knowledge God wants us to have in these days!

N – Natation means swimming, my favorite sport!

O – Open, I like to keep my doors and windows open until the snow falls!

P – Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Q – Quadrille, Square dancing is FUN!

R – Ring, because of my illness, I’ve not been able to wear my wedding ring for over 20 years.

S – Singing, you can catch me singing and humming most anytime of the day!

T – Tree climbing was my favorite pass time as a girl!

U – Umbrellas are so fun to have even when it’s not raining!

V – voiceBoks…since joining vB I’ve had some great opportunities to  find my voice (put into words who I am).

W – Wheelchair, I have a hate/love relationship with mine.

X – Xerarch means growing up in dry places, I live in the desert and love to garden, this also relates to me being deprived of the use of my legs but still being able to grow and develop my talents!

Y – Yes, I love this word!

Z – Zemni is a blind mole, I wrote a children’s story about my kids meeting a very impatient and timid zemni (named Gus) in our Sweet Memories Garden.



  1. I love your ABCs Becky and You are a very creative and loving person.

  2. Becky Jane, I love your list! You need to do a post about this ancestor from 800 B.C. I also like that you wrote a children's story...very cool!;) I like umbrellas too. I have one in both our LaDy LaDuke and Mommy LaDy Club logos:)

  3. Hey Becky! No fish huh? I hear you (smile). We both like pizza, holidays, Christ and ice-cream. Awesome! I love this list and it was revealing. Have a great day!

  4. Becky Jane, you are an amazing woman! Your list was fun to read. Totally agree with your I and P! Agree with Mommy LaDy Club, you need to post about your ancestory from 800 BC. How did you ever do that and get that far? Amazing!

  5. 800 AD? That's amazing! Please write a post about you did it and who they are. Or at least teach me how to do mine! YES!

  6. what a fun post!! can i just say, i LOVE your optomism!! it is refreshing and contageous!

  7. What a neat thing to do.... ABCs of you!!

    I had no idea you have a wheel chair

  8. I love getting to know all the tidbits about people! I love to dance to it truly sets me free. Today I picked Braeden up and danced around oh how it was a new peace to see his smile and just let go. So turn up the music Becky Jane and move that wheel chair with the beat where you are and I will do it here and we can love it together! Whats your favorite music to let go to?!?!

  9. Pizza is my favorite as well. Little Bit and I had it for dinner ;D Great list Becky Jane. They are hard to write aren't they?

  10. I can't imagine not being able to wear my ring for that long. I get anxious when I've forgotten to put it back on after making something and its off for a couple of hours. I think its cute you sing and hum throughout the day. I dance- even to no music- all day long and my kids think its hilarious.
    Dropping by from VB!

  11. This list has been fun! It's interesting to see where we're similar and different!

    Mare and LaDy, I oopsed when I put BC instead of AD!

    Faith, Any kind of clean music with a good beat gets me going. Do you remember the bear Baloo from Jungle Book and how he starts dancing to the beat of the orangutans? Well, that's me!

  12. I also love ice cream and pizza!! Yum, yum!! I'm very impressed with how far back you've traced your family. My sister is the genealogist and she's traced our family, but nowhere near that far back!!

  13. My mom has traced our roots back really far as well, although I don't know if it's quite as far back as yours. I'd be willing to say it's pretty close though. I think you are such an interesting woman. Thanks for sharing more about you in this post! :)


  14. Becky Jane, you are so darned cute! Grandmas and gardening ARE the best. And I have a special weakness for ice cream too. Sigh.


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