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Charity, The Pure Love Of Christ

A few years ago, I was profoundly effected by an experience I had concerning Charity.  Living near me, was a young mother who had just had a new baby.  Having been in this same situation several times myself,  I was well acquainted with the struggle that can come from adjusting to life with a new baby.  I had made dinner for her and her husband and went to deliver it to her home, with the intent of offering to do some house cleaning for her while I was there.  

As I entered her home, it was a disaster, clothes, and stuff were all over the floor and a pile of dirty dishes were in the sink. I was so grateful for the opportunity to help someone who so obviously needed some help.

She took one look at me and the tray of food I'd brought and with a sound of anger in her voice told me she didn't need my food nor my help...she said she didn't accept Charity.     

People often view acts of Charity in terms of giving food, money, and clothing to someone who is financially struggling.  A major portion of our society feels uncomfortable receiving this type of 'Charity'...but, 
what REALLY is Charity?

Recently I was studying one of my favorite New Testament passages in 1 Corinthians 13 (KJV).  In this chapter, the Apostle Paul gives a clarifying definition of what Charity really is.  vs 4-8:
·             suffereth long
·             is kind
·             envieth not
·             vaunteth not itself (prideful)
·             is not puffed up
·             Doth not behave itself unseemly (indecently, unbecomingly)
·             seeketh not her own (selfishness)
·             is not easily provoked (anger, provoking, self-mastery)
·             thinketh no evil
·             rejoiceth not in iniquity (injustice, unrighteousness) 
·             but rejoiceth in truth
·             beareth all things
·             believeth all things
·             hopeth all things
·             endureth all things
·             Charity Never Faileth (dependability)

That's a pretty long list isn't it? It can also be overwhelming for those of us that are striving to be more Christlike.  As I view this list, three things come to mind...

1.       Charity is a state of being.  It's not random acts of kindness, but it is who we are.

2.       With God all things are possible.  He wants us to have His pure love emanate from us, so He will help us if we ask!

3.       We are given opportunities daily to develop Charity, the pure love of Christ by:
                * giving someone the benefit of the doubt
                * not categorizing someone
                * accepting someones weaknesses, differences, and    shortcomings 
                * having patience when someone has let us down
                * resisting the impulse to become offended
                * forgiving those who have hurt us
                * accepting the best of each other
                                        (Source: Marvin J Ashton)

These are just a few examples of how we can develop our character into becoming truly Charitable people.  Developing the true love of Christ is a daily task, it involves the decisions we are continually making.  When sought after in small doses, Charity doesn't seem so over whelming and comes into focus.



  1. Great food for thought! I think I can get so hung up on the word "charity" and the numerous meanings attached to it that I forget to really think about what it truly means. Sometimes it is easy to get hung up on trying to think of that grandiose gesture that makes you feel charitable when true charity comes in so many tiny packages.

  2. I think this is a great post! Would you be interested in doing a guest post with this post on my blog? I would love to share it with my followers?

    Let me know,

  3. Reading your list, I think I need to be more charitable at home, as well as outside the home.

    Isn't there a saying that goes something like Charity starts at home? Maybe your list is what they were talking about.

  4. @Praises from a Wife and Mommy, I would be honored if you would like to Guest Post my article, if you could make sure and put a link back to my site! Thanks!

  5. LOVE this post!!!!!! thank you for putting this up! i wish i would have had this yesterday. i would have used it with my lesson. :) good job becky! you are awesome!!!!

  6. @TyKes Mom, I love the fact that Charity is simple like you said! Thanks!

    @Candida, I agree, HOME is where it all begins! Thanks!

    @Chantelle, Your lesson yesterday, was so profound. I loved your comment about the darkness you felt being darker than the inside of a cow...we live in the country don't

  7. Beautiful words of wisdom!!! Something that I know I need to take to my own heart!

  8. Sorry that happened to you. Love your words. Anytime you want to bring me dinner and clean my house, I will gladly let you. LOL

  9. i LITERALLY just hung up the phone with a friend from church- she was having some people bring by dinners a few nights since we flooded and our kitchen is a wreak, and i am not liking that. i am grateful for the love, but i feel bad/guilty and like i am stealing and that i should not accept it. i don't mind HELPING, i do mind being helped, it turns out. i was told, nicely, to shove it, LOL she was doing it anyway. it's hard to be the help-ee sometimes.

  10. Ya know Becky Jane, you are so many people are full of so much pride that they cannot see that Charity is an act of love, it is an expression of caring is the way of Christ.....there have been times when someone came to me to help with "whatever" and I had to much pride to admit I was in a place of "need" and refused it thankful for the maturity I have found in Christ by his revealed my life..

  11. @Deb, You are a great example!

    @Karen, You know I would....

    @Sam, Sounds like you have a determined friend there...when she comes, just give her an big hug and thank her!

    @Rhonda,maturity is a good thing! LOL

  12. Wonderful post and so good of you to offer a helping hand to someone else. She was perhaps having a bad day maybe and overreacted to the gesture. Either way, you did a wonderful job.

  13. I have accepted gifts of help many times. I would never say no, its often a gift of love. She missed out on a huge blessing!

    Thanks for reading my blog

  14. If you had come to my house with food and the offer to clean I would have wrapped my arms around you and wept. Sad that she couldn't let herself get over her pride :(

    Your so right about charity being a way of life. The more you do it the more you see the need for it. I love to give. I get the best reward from giving!

  15. Wow...whadda brat. A little too much PRIDE perhaps? I can't tell you how grateful I'd be if someone showed up with food and offered to clean. Sounds to me like someone needs a little work in the humility department.

    Paul is also a favorite Saint of mine, I'm glad you posted his reminders. You're an amazing lady Becky and I just love you to bits. You go on being you and bring food to those who may need it, even if they don't see it.

    Mucho love hunny pie :)

  16. This is a great post.....and who wouldn't accept help from someone so ready to serve? Unbelievable....but more importantly, it really is about love--and friendship. Charity suffereth long....I guess you'll just have to keep trying. :) Thanks for sharing, and congrats on being featured.


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