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Spotlighting Deb from Jeremiah 29:11...

We're starting something new with our ChristianWomen's Blog Hop.  Each WednesdayJennifer and I will be spotlighting articles that were submitted on the hop.  You can submit your Christian based articles by clicking HERE on our Blog Hop and adding your entry! We look forward to reading about your lives as Christian Women!

For today, I've chosen to spotlight Deb and her article 
Meeting with my Friend  
Deb and I have been bloggy friends for a long time.  Her spirit and love for the Lord is evident in every one of her posts! I invite you to stop by her blog Jeremiah 29:11 and leave a comment! Thanks Deb!

Meeting with my Friend!!!

Last week I got out of my normal routine of getting up and meeting with my best Friend.  Even though I still talked to Him and searched for and found Gideon Bibles while in the hospital with my just wasn't the same as it is each morning when I settle down into my $15 thrift store chair and ask Him to speak to me thru His Word!!!

Ahhhhh.....there's nothing else like it....meeting with my Friend each and every morning over a cup of coffee and a Good Book!!!

 Psalm 25:14
The Lord is a friend to those who fear him.
      He teaches them his covenant.

How 'bout you?
What's your favorite way to meet with your Friend each day?!?

HOPE your Wednesday is full of sweet blessings!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!



  1. What an absolute honor and privilege to be your friend!!! Thank you for spotlighting me....but all the glory truly goes to HIM. He is AWESOME...and I have chills just typing that!!! Love you, my precious friend!!!

  2. i don't have a routine- i just kind of take it as it comes. kind of regular chats throughout the day

  3. Love your colorful cover. Did you make it? Very nice!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Very early morning is my time to enjoy reading and study! I always like to be up when the house is quiet and everyone is still sleeping.

  5. Your chair and cover looks so comfy...I do not have a routine still to meet with Him


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