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I'm Not As Old As My Kids Think

The other day my 15 year old daughter came home from school and said,
"I need some clothes for my drama class. They need to be the kind that an old lady would wear...can I look in your closet?"



  1. Ohhhhhhh my goodness!!!! I hope she looked in your closet and was disappointed :D

  2. @Karen, Actually, she said I had some really cool clothes...although, I'm not sure what that really

  3. You just have to love this innocent moments of truth. LOL

    My grandson does this to me all the time. One day he looked at me and said, "Why are you SO old?"
    Laugh or cry...that is the only option here.

    I'm Back!

  4. @Grace,
    So glad you're back! If their comments weren't so funny, I think I'd

  5. LOL... Becky Jane!!! Wait until she finds out what old really is.

    When my Daughter was in her teens, she would not stay out of my closet. Now she has payback because her 2 girls take her clothes.

  6. @Candida,
    She's the first one to EVER ask to wear my clothes! Maybe my taste in clothing is getting

  7. OUCH!!! ;-)
    Our daughter does a much better job at picking out my clothes than I do!!

  8. 1) that picture is superiorly funny!

    2) that sounds exactly like something my kids would say to me :)

  9. lololol; ok 1. since it's not my kids that said it to me, I'm dying laughing! But of course had MY kids said it to me, I think i'd want to cry.
    2. LOVE the picture..that made me laugh even harder.

    3. I seriously hope your daughter realized that you really AREN'T as old as she thinks!

    I love stopping by your blog!

  10. Oh, no! That's so funny!!! :-D Love the pic too!

  11. @Deb,
    I guess I'm going to have to take her with me when I clothes shop

    Glad I'm not alone!

    I enjoy your comments...these are just as funny as my


  12. AND she looked pretty good as bedroom wallpaper didn't she ? LOL JK Becky Jane.....LOL got a giggle out of me this late Monday afternoon

  13. Brutal! Age is all about perspective, it's funny (or maybe not so funny) to see how our kids see us. That picture is hilarious, made me chuckle!

  14. Nice daughter you have. LOL Once I was in a Young Woman's lesson and the teacher said that you wouldn't want to wear the clothes of some old person who was 50. I said, "Excuse me."

  15. she doesn't mean it , she is looking for clothes from someone she knows that has style lol!

  16. @Grandma Honey,

    Me or my

    Glad to get you giggling!

    I chose to laugh, but it was brutal! :o)

    Good for you...we need to stick together and be

    I agree!

  17. Oh man that's rough! Thanks for the laugh though. I think you are far from an old lady. Teens think anyone over 18 is near death, lol.

  18. Lol, literally! That definitely caught me off guard and gave me quite a laugh! Kids say the darndest things! ;-)

  19. I feel your pain. I love when our children say something about our age ... and then try to back pedal about how that's not what they meant and they dig themselves in even deeper. LOL

  20. Ah kids, never know what they will say :)
    Just found you on "Imitation by Design" and linked up. Pleased to meet you and look forward to getting to know you through your blog.
    Have a blessed day,


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