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voiceBoks Is My Favorite

In the past I’ve joined several Mom blog communities only to get lost in the shuffle.  Several months ago I came across voiceBoks, a new and innovative online community for Moms.  I could see a big difference right away.  Events are geared to getting high traffic driven to our personal blogs.  Right away I began getting meaningful comments left on my own blog posts.

When I first began blogging, I learned really fast that high followers don’t always yield lots of good comments on posts. For me the comments that people leave on my articles are very important and voiceBoks is why I’m getting so many continually great comments on my articles.

Because of voiceBoks, my blog followers are growing at a steady pace. With just over 240 GFC followers, my stats show an average of 150 page views daily, comments average about 10-20 per article, my blog is viewed worldwide.

I don’t know a lot about getting my blog visible to the world, but Lexie, founder/owner of voiceBoks does.  I am amazed at the flow of people visiting my site and even more amazed that they even found my site!

voiceBoks is a place I can go and learn about  - blogging, making money on my site, Google+, how to drive traffic to my blog, etc.  Just recently I had a great chat with the founder/owner of voiceBoks, Lexie Lane…how many online community developers take the time to show a personal interest in their members? 

voiceBoks is fun for me, because I can drop by and leave a quick note or I can spend more time reading and commenting with the other members.  It’s up to me how much time I spend there…I always come away happy and informed!

If you’re looking for a great community to:
·        Increase your blog stats
·        Give you great How To tutorials
·        Where the members are honestly interested in you and what’s going on in your world

Then this just might be the Place.  I invite you to check us out and if you join, please let them know Becky Jane sent you…




  1. You've nailed vB righ on the head. I've been a bit slack in doing my part, but the group there is a great one!!!!
    Stopping in with vB MTRevent =D

  2. I have been able to tell on line how much you have enjoyed this group and with anything you get out of it according to what you put in.

  3. I have to agree! when you see my blog posts history, you can even TELL when I found VB; because of the dramatic improvement in my blog posts and the frequency! Through the amazing network of this community I found an enjoyment to blogging; and I actually learned HOW to blog!
    Becky you are right on the nail; this community is amazing and very supportive! I mean, sheesh! I found you from there! I had no idea you were online, and yet, I found a wonderful blog I enjoy visiting often!
    I'm part of many different social networking forums Similar to VB; but none of them feel so warm and inviting from the members as VB does. and none of the others have as much participation as VB does in the events either! VB is still definitely MY favorite too!
    JadeLouise Designs

  4. Definitely agree. Before joining VB I had 12 followers and in less than 2 months I grew to 66. Not a ton, but way better than I was!

  5. Great post and I couldn't agree more! VoiceBoks is such a wonderful community. Everyone is so supportive and I have truly gained some online friendships that I cherish. It is a great way to up your blogging exposure, knowledge, and enjoyment!

  6. I agree with you totally. VoiceBoks is a great community for bloggers of every kind.

  7. I guess I will give it a try ... I know Deb our mutual friend has it also ...big hugs Becky are one of my fav's...always have inspiring testimonies of God's love and strength being given in the lives of every day people

  8. I love voice boks. you are right at how friendly, and supportive the community is and LOYAL. I'm glad you posted this. take care. coming to you from VB


  9. I need to settle down at some point at explore how they work. I've tried a few things but I haven't had enough spare time to properly get to know how it works.


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