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Hoping My Son Survives His Parents


  • Names of the parents have been changed in order to protect the RIGHT parent
  • Child has been ill for about a week and just started back to school, he's wearing a lightweight jacket instead of a warm winter coat
  • Parent B is now ill and could care less
This mornings conversation:

Parent A: Child get a warmer coat on.  It's freezing outside and you've been sick.

Child: I'm only walking from the house to the car  and then from the car to the school building.  Besides I can wear my jacket all day long if I want to.

Parent A:  I don't care, it's freezing cold outside and you've been sick. Get a warmer coat on. ( I think Parent A is assuming the Child didn't hear this the first time.)

At this point, Parent B who I remind you is very ill and could care less, pipes in with: Oh, let him wear his jacket...So what if he gets sick's his choice, he can pay the consequences!

be sure to watch video before going's only 43 seconds long

Just when I think I have it altogether, someone drops the ball and I have to start all over again!

Optional quiz.  Am I (the Mother) Parent A or Parent B?



  1. I love this video....the alien song....the first time I heard it years ago I loved it and laughed so hard and still today I laugh so hard...guessing it is because I am SO relate to her "experience"....Big ole Hugs from Arkansas Becky Jane

  2. That was a darling video. I think you are parent B and I love your logic. That is what I would have said.

  3. LOL... If Mother isn't Parent A I will eat my ... hmmmm not sure what I will eat. If you were parent B, you had to be really, really sick. Been there done that!!/CandidaJourney/status/160021621304856576

  4. I use that same rationale all the time, that I don't need a heavy coat because I'm just going from a building to a car and then to another building. But I'm grown up so I can do crap like that if I want to :)

  5. I believe you would be parent A. And the fact that you are right is proven by this cute video!

  6. As all of us Moms know, no child pays the consequences alone when they are sick!

  7. I have no idea which parent you are. LOL was the video suppose to give us a clue? I'm confused.
    When we first moved to Florida we were use to the cold because we were from Indiana and we thought it humorous that people wore coats here in the winter and especially when we saw them with those Alaskan fur hooded parkas. That was a real knee slapper. It would get 65 and the school would be calling to wear your warm clothes and no one come to school with out a coat.
    Of course my son didn't want to wear a coat and neither did I because 65 was spring weather to us. And we didn't. Now that we have been here for over 20 years we own those Alaskan Parkas with the fur hoods. So this is my answer. 20 Years ago i was Parent B and today I'm Parent A that would tell the kid to take a coat but wear the jacket in class if he was cold. TaaDaah!

  8. oh that is funny! Uhm...If it was my family: as the mom I'd probably be parent A; and the husband would be parent B; because as the mother, I'm the one that has to deal with the sick child and so he's not the only one that gets to suffer through the illness but me too.

    That alien video reminds me a lot of "The Chubb Chubbs are coming! Although a different song; but funny all the same.

    JadeLouise Designs

  9. Kind of reminds me of my sister's situation. Her preschool gets himself dressed. It's because of her baby with special needs. He pretty much occupies all her time. The preschooler went to school in crocs this winter. Last week my parents went to pick him up and he had his shoes on the wrong feet, the zipper on his coat didn't work and his pants were too short. Sometimes parents are too sick, too busy with other things to notice how their kid is dressed. It's a difficult situation.

  10. I have seen this video several times and it is sooooo funny! Plus this is my theme song!

  11. Becky,

    It's not very reassuring to know they don't listen better as they get older, although I'm not surprised.



  12. eh, they all survive. and i hope you let him figure it out LOL

  13. I'm guessing that most moms trend toward Parent A - but you never know!

  14. Just a guess but, I would say parent b. That could have been me this week!


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