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How To Live Your Religion In Tough Times

How often are we called upon to live what we preach? To live as the Savior taught us. Here's a short video of 2 Mormon Missionaries who were held hostage in Russia...and they did just that.

The scriptures contain stories of heroic men and women living their religion during extreme trials, but here are 2 modern young men who remembered how to serve best. I'm not sure I would do this, but deep down I kina think I would act the same way they did; because I know that my only source of strength and courage comes from my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Have you ever had to stand up for your faith? If so, what did you do...I'd love to hear your story.



  1. What an amazing Story. I had friends serving in Russia during those same years, it's amazing to stop and think it really could have happened to any one, but the Lord knew who would have the strength to manage the situation the best.

    It's good to have you back Becky! I've missed your posts. :)

  2. No matter if it is faith or just some other life matter that we believe in. You have to be strong not to crack under pressure. Very hard sometimes.

  3. Amazing strength. I would like to think I would be strong under such circumstances.

  4. Wow. What an awesome story. Can't wait for the movie.


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