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VeraTemp G!veaway and Review

W!N your very own VeraTemp Non-Contact Personal Use Thermometer!

Now that the flu season is upon us, it's a great time for this
g!veaway. One lucky person will win this item.

What I like about the VeraTemp:
  • Great for everyone. If you have children or are caring for an elderly family member this thermometer is so easy to use. As some of you know, taking the temperature of an adult whose cranky and confused can be very difficult. Using the VeraTemp, they don't even know it's being done.
  • Non-contact. No more waking up or disturbing the patient just to take their temp. Also no worries about spreading germs from using a contaminated thermometer. No expensive shields to replace either.
  • 3 settings. #1 for BODY temp. #2 for ROOM temp. This setting is to check the persons room temperature so they stay comfortable. #3 SURFACE temp. Helpful in checking temperatures of food, bath water etc.
  • Instant reading. No more waiting with a probe stuck in your mouth or rectum. The VeraTemp gives instant and accurate readings.
  • Auto-Off. I don't need to remember to turn it off. With all the concerns of caring for someone ill, this is one less thing to think about.
If you can't wait for the g!veaway and want to purchase you own VeraTemp now, VeraTemp is offering you a $2 rebate. Just click HERE.
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  1. Sounds like a great thermometer!

  2. I like that the VeraTemp® Thermometer is clinically proven to be as accurate as both ear and rectal thermometers

  3. I like the backlit LED screen that makes it convenient and easy to read.

  4. Does it make me a horrible mother to admit I haven't had a working thermometer in over a year? We so rarely get sick at our house I never use one but I really do need one in case of emergency. Thanks for this prompting...

  5. Always wanted one if these!! What a great prize.

  6. Not disturbing the patient would be an awesome experience.I feel bad for my grandchildren when I have to move their arm to take their temprature and I end up waking them.

  7. This looks like a wonderful giveaway. Let's see, I like the led light as well as it can get a reading without contact. I hate it when I wake the kids by taking their temperature!


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