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Before and After Pictures!

This is part 2 of a 3 part see part 1 click HERE

Our front door opens up into our front room/family room.  I've never liked those names so we decided to call it the Rose Room.  For the past 7 years, our Rose Room has been a comfy-cozy type of decor.  About 2 years ago I started feeling claustrophobic whenever I entered.  That's when the makeover wheels started to turn in my mind.  Since then, I saved every picture, idea or thought I had.

A clean, fresh, minimal look is what I wanted.  I loved the old comfy-cozy look, but it was time to break out and get some fresh air! I also wanted to incorporate my small collection of blue and white willow ware pieces!

The Rose Room walls were originally painted rose and sage, with wall paper behind the couch.  Our new colors are linen painted walls, with blue and espresso decor.

Here are the before and after photos of our Rose Room makeover...I hope you enjoy...
BEFORE...view from front door

AFTER...notice the door is gone.  To see where it went click HERE!

Silhouettes of my 11 treasures

Window seat...BEFORE


BEFORE...this wall was for my kids photos, but, I had a difficult time keeping the photos straight, so I opted to put them on the shelves by the stairway (stairway photo is farther down this post)

AFTER...I love the the shelf behind the couch!

BEFORE...stairway shelves pictures




AFTER..the scrambled letters on the wall spell our last name.

BEFORE...we changed out all the mix-matched area rugs and replaced them with blue and white braided rugs. 
View from piano towards front door.


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  1. Your coming over to do my house next right?
    Love the new look.

  2. The few glances I've had of your home, shows that it is a fun place! Filled with lots of love!

  3. Oh my gosh how beautiful. And I love the glow the windows and sunlight give to the room. Just gorgeous.

  4. Terri...I do love my windows, and the sunlight!

  5. Amazing! It looks great. I wish I had creativity for decorating! ;-)

  6. Mindy, I don't know I'm all that creative. I scour the internet for ideas I like and then incorporate them.

  7. Have a great weekend Becky!

  8. Becky,

    Great job, and I bet it feels so good when you walk into your rooms, because I get that sense of calm just from the photos. I'll be in touch, just back in town!

  9. Gorgeous! I love the frog and the bird cage, nice little touches. I always love seeing before and after pictures. I watch makeover shows JUST for that part.

    I found you on voiceBoks and I'm a new follower.

  10. Looks great - what a warm and inviting room you have created! LOVE the woodburning stove...

    Visiting from Voiceboks...

  11. Hi, Becky!

    I apologize for the late add, had issues with my internet and it's just last Friday it got restored. Well, I am here now visiting your blog and appreciating your redecorating project. Awesome!

    I'm glad I found a new friend from voiceboks!

  12. Wow, It's gorgeous! So elegant. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    Jen (from VB)


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