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Nathan's Circle

This is the Final Episode of our
Nails garden spot is the center of focus as you
 go down the main path.  
Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle)
                                            Image via Wikipedia

The only plant is Vinca or my preferred name Periwinkle.  
This variety has the larger leaves and flowers.  
Vinca is an invasive flower so having it contained in the center of where all our paths converge works well to keep it contained.

I missed the flowers blooming, but their beautiful 
periwinkle blue looks lovely against the green background!

The black iron stand holding an old wind chime bell 
gives it a finishing touch.

If you noticed the first few pictures showed the bench under Woody's Arch painted white, 
but later on we re-painted the bench  
red so it would show up better.


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