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Sarah's FairyLand

One of the problems we had in our Sweet Memories Garden was the propane was unsightly and located in an obvious spot.  So Joka and I designed her FairyLand in front of the propane tank to hide it from the rest of Sweet Memories!

As you can see, Joka's garden spot is full of magical fairies!  

Some of them are very shy and you have to look closely to find them as they peek from behind the vines. 

Other fairies are quite bold and even like to show off! 
Each one has it's own personality.

Fastened to the back lattice is a sign we made it says,

  'Where You Tend A Rose, A Thistle Cannot Grow'

This was taken from one of our favorite movies, A Secret Garden.  It reminds us that as long as we have good thoughts, there will not be any room for bad thoughts!

Joka's FairyLand was built to hide the unsightly propane tank.  You can see it vaguely behind the lattice.

I hope you enjoyed Joka's FairyLand Garden Spot. 

As you can see it is a very low maintenance garden!

Our final garden is Nails Circle.


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