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Thomas' Brigadoon

(The pictures turned out a bit fuzzy, sorry about that.)

Bogie used to like the movie Brigadoon.  That is why he called his garden spot Brigadoon.
We made the toadstools out of old metal bowls that my sister was getting rid of.  
First we spray painted them red, then hand painted the white dots on with acrylic paint, 
and finished them off with a coat of sealer.  We then planted cedar posts in the 
ground and secured the bowls on top with a screw! 

The Tic-Tac-Toe table was a fun addition!  
We used Gnomes and frogs for the  playing pieces!  
There is also a pipe in the ground next to the table to hold a large umbrella for shade!
The toadstools on each side are for sitting on while playing!

This gnome used to belong to my mother.  
When my parents passed away, it came to me.  
Bogies garden includes a spot in a corner next to the house, 
so we put our new gnome here!

Brigadoon is a very low-maintenance garden with artificial tarp covering the ground,
 there is no watering and very little weeding!

Hope you enjoyed Bogie's Brigadoon Garden Spot!  Next we'll visit Tatty's Bunny Hollow!  


  1. Oh I just love looking at all these gardens. It has given me a TON of ideas. I really love the little toadstool table and chair set... I think I may have a make one for my garden... Hope you have a great week!

  2. They are simple to make...just spray paint metal bowls red and add white dots with tole paints, mount on an old stump and there ya go!. The table was made from a pizza pan!

  3. I was looking at this post today and you have inspired me. The next time my grandchildren come over I think we will create gardens for them as well. I love Brigadoon too, my husband bought it for me for Christmas. I had never seen it before. It must have been a favorite of his as well.

  4. Grace...
    I know that whatever you do with your grandkids will be a success! Keep me updated!

  5. Those toadstools are fabulous - I am SO stealing that idea!!


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