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Kathryn's Bunny Hollow

Welcome to Tatty's Bunny Hollow Garden,...
It was named Bunny Hollow after one of the stories I'd written about my three youngest and their adventures in Sweet Memories.  You will meet several of my storybook characters in her little garden!

This is the stump where Ol' Grandpappy lives with all the other rabbits in Bunny Hollow

Mr. Gus is a grumpy but funny mole that tries to avoid my little girls,
 but seems to always peek out when they're looking.

On one of their journey's to Bunny Hollow, my girls meet Mrs. Myrtle Turtle.  She is on her way to the Bunny Hollow birthday party but is so slow she will be late, 
so the girls put her in their basket and give her a ride to the party.

In this photo you can see Mrs. Myrtle Turtle resting from her bumpy journey in the basket.  Also there are 2 chipmunks that just happened by, and if you look up  in the stump you can see Figaro and one of his sisters.  They are naughty little sparrows that belong to Toot and Flute.


Some of my favorite stories to read to my children are by Beatrix Potter. 
If you look closely, you can see the hedgehog, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, 
a delightful character from one of her stories!

This is a birdhouse that my brother made for me several years ago.  It sits a-top the stump in Bunny Hollow. 

Thanks for stopping by Bunny Hollow and meeting all our little friends.  Tatty loves her garden.  She planted sweet violets in it because she knew they were one of my favorite flowers!

Busters Corner is next...this is a totally little boy garden.  


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