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Portrait of a Hero - Monica

F.L.A.G. is an amazing blog I came across while on voiceBoks.  It is maintained by Monica.  Here is a little of her story from her blog...

F.L.A.G stands for Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls

Here's how it began...

I'm a mom to 2 teenage boys 19 and 16, married for 20 years. Both my husband and I met in Canada over 20 years ago. We lived here since we were teenagers. This country has given us so much blessings in life, the Canadian dream.

After my husband's trip to the Philippines in 2009, something changed in him that I could never imagine. He saw extreme poverty, crime and desolation around him. He saw girls, little girls sleeping on the streets, begging with their parents. His heart was broken.  There were times we long for another child and perhaps God would bless us a daughter. He has a different plan for us, something greater. When he came back home, he sat me down and told me his plan.  With much love, we decided this will be our mission and began changing our lifestyle.
Fast forward, 2010 we created F.L.A.G.  We have 15 girls we fully support today and 8 of them will go to a regular school in June 2011 for the first time.  8 more girls will be joining FLAG to prepare them for the next school year. Their ages from 4 to 11 and they have never been in a classroom. Our staff teaches them how to read and write, respect and word of God.

We have a lot work to do.  This is our way to help and shape the future of underprivileged girls in the Philippines through education.

Monica is truly inspiring in the work she is doing.  I invite all of you to stop by her blog and say hello!



  1. I love Monica's blog and her mission, I think she is a great hero, she is definetly one of mine!! Thanks for sharing her story on your great site! Visiting from voiceboks today!! I love to visit your site!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for others. They are really making a difference in those children's lives.

  3. I've stopped by their blog, and it's a wonderful thing they're doing. You're blessed to have 5 daughters! I only have 2, but still they'rea blessing! :)

  4. This is awesome! We need more people like this all over the world! Thank you!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing her story with us, it's an inspiration.

  6. that's really fantastic- love to hear stuff like that

  7. OMG! Ladies, thank you for your kind words.. Becky, I am deeply honored!! we are all heroes in our own ways.. thank you for following my blog. I will continue to share the journey of the girls with all of you. God bless!

  8. Hi BeckyJane. I'm back again and I continue to be touched by this story. The Lord puts all types of heroes into our lives (many of the women from vB are mine -- including you). With my writing and deadlines and now (homeschooling prep for kids), I don't have much time for socializing or cultivating close friendships outside of my small circle. vB has opened my eyes to so many wonderful women -- heroes. Thank you again, for bringing attention to Monica and her mission.

    Samantha from vB

  9. You are a hero Monica and you are lucky to have a supportive husband. I'm really touched by your story and since I grew up in Africa, I understand you what you are doing. I hope I can do something like this in future.

  10. Now this is a hero! She is doing a great ministry with the girls. Thanks for telling us about her.


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