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My 5 Daughters!

There is a special connection between being  a Mom and having daughters.  Though the years I have watched my 5 girls growing up.  Three of them have children of their own and are now Mothers to their daughters.   
These are my girls... I L♥VE them with all my heart...

My Mother, My Daughter
Sometimes when I see you, my daughter, my own,
My heart fills with love seeing how you have grown.
Your hands, once so small, have remained clean and pure.
Your heart filled with love helps my own soul endure.
The prayers that you speak give me faith to go on,
And the smile in your eyes gives me hope for the dawn.
Then I wonder why and give thanks that I was chosen to be your mother.

I’ve watched you, dear mother, each day of my life;
I’ve seen how you smile through the joy and the strife.
I’ve needed your love and have known you were there.
I’ve seen how you help to bring answers to prayers.
The world that surrounds me is blind and unsure;
But with you as my mother, I’m safe and secure.
Then I wonder why and give thanks that I was chosen to be your daughter.

The seasons come; the seasons go; and I see you grow.
The light of faith is in your eyes; I saw it long ago.
I weep at your sorrows, smile when life is fair.
I speak your name in each tender prayer.
I know the time will quickly come when I must let you go,
But seeds of truth within your heart were planted long ago.
So reach for your dreams, for ev’ry good thing,
depending on my love, my dear daughter.



  1. What a lovely post! I am one of three girls, mom of two boys and one girl. An all female family is a challange! But, fun! I think your piece captures so much of the mother daughter realtionship! You have 5 gorgeous duaghters!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Kathy...I can imagine an all female family...all those

  3. They're all so pretty. What a blessing to be born in a family like yours!! ♥

  4. Lovely post. The other day I was thinking about my dad winning a hair dryer at a Christmas party at a factory he worked. Everyone laughed because he was balding and he said, "Don't laugh, I've got three females at home who need this."
    My dad wanted daughters instead of sons.
    It is great to have a daughter for me and to be one.
    Your girls are beautiful.

  5. lovely daughters!!! Daughters were not part of God's plan for us.. i am the eldest of 3 daughters

  6. Beautiful daughters and beautiful poems!

  7. 5 lovely girls! What a blessing.

  8. That is such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing that!

  9. They are also pretty. How lucky you are to have daughters.

  10. Your daughters are so beautiful! What a blessing for you and for them. I had all sons but now have been blessed with grand-daughters.
    Visiting from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life
    Find Me on Twitter

  11. you are all a blonde bunch, ay? LOL

  12. What a beautiful family you have! I cannot imagine having five girls in one house, but congrats to you for doing it! And you all look so close...
    Gina from vB

  13. You have lovely girls!
    I grew up with a sister and 3 more girl cousins! We had so much fun...
    I have always wanted to have a daughter, but I am blessed with 2 boys I love to pieces.

  14. Thank you everyone for you sweet comments. I have such awesome blog friends!

  15. Jeez....don't make me cry or anything. *sniff*
    Since it only took 5 boys before we had a girl, & she's only 4 I can't say I share much with her yet. But she is my little mini me and I look forward to creating memories with her. *sniff again*



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