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Stand Up Gardening - Part 1

Do you have a bad back or are your knees keeping you from enjoying the gardening that you love to do?  My neighbors have come up with a solution...Stand Up Gardening.  All they do is walk out their back door and there is the garden at just the right height.  Theirs is a retaining wall that has been transformed into a vegetable garden.

Let's start at the North end and walk our way South...
Here they have planted tomatoes.

The photo above shows steps leading to their fire pit...
Below is the HERB section of her garden.
 The photo below is my sweet neighbor showing the height of their garden...

 The photo below is their Strawberry bed.
 This photo below is the view from the south end looking north.

I did some searching on the internet for other ideas for Stand Up Gardening. Go HERE for Part 2.



  1. I'm trying to connect to you via GFC but keep getting an error message. Suggestions?

  2. Okay... now that is totally cool and they did a beautiful job with it.

  3. That is such a great Idea. Hmm, now I need a wall and lots of soil.


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