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Wordless Wednesday

I ♥ my Flowers...



  1. OMG! Wordless Wednesday indeed! These pictures need no words. Iris is my favorite flower in the whole world, followed closely by the tulip and the rose. That iris you have in the photo seems almost black! It is so rich and dark. My beautiful irises are a rich violet hue. I've heard of yellow and white irises, but have never seen them.

    What is that first fuschia pink flower in the photo essay? My daughter's favorite color is that bright neon-ish pink. She thinks it's beautiful!

    Samantha vB

  2. I Love your flowers too! Especially the black? one, it is so different...

  3. Love the flowers! Often at the end of a hectic day, I'll go out in the back yard and just *be*, allowing the beauty to bring me back to peacefulness. Thank you for sharing your beauty today!

    RJ, the HOPE Coach

  4. Gorgeous flowers. Mine bloom, hang around a week or two, and disappear. :(

    I'm your newest follower from VB.


  5. I love flowers and I love that I can cut them and bring them in doors too.

  6. Thanks ladies for all your sweet comments...beautiful flowers and wonderful comments, I'm in

  7. Okay yes...the flowers are amazing. But Becky Jane as much as I love you there is no way I'm coming over for dinner during the spring or summer, because the only thing missing from these GORGEOUS pictures are the BEES!!!!

    Ack...Eek....shoo fly shoo. There. My phobia is out in the open.

    I just have one more thing to say:
    You don't bring me flowers
    You don't sing me love songs


  8. Sharon...all I have to say, buzz, I hear a bee...I hear a bee in Beckys flower garden...

  9. Wow! Beautiful! I was going to say that my favorite was the first pink one, but then I ended up loving most of them enough to be a

    Enjoy that flower garden!
    Stephanie P - VB

  10. Simply Breathtaking! Looking at your flowers reminds me of my grandmother's garden. Thank you for sharing these pictures today. They touched my heart and helped me remember some of my grandma’s happiest days.

  11. A. Leigh,
    You are so kind...I loved my grandmas garden, but she lived so far away I only got to see her once every 2 years.

  12. Stephanie...I'm so glad you enjoyed my garden!

  13. Oh, they're beautiful!!! I love that black iris!

  14. Wow, so pretty! I love your flowers too!


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