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God Bless America!

My family history has a long record of men and women willing to fight for religious freedom...the foundation of American freedom.  From the early 1500's in France my ancestors fled religious persecution.  Fleeing to England and eventually to America.  Many of them have died defending that freedom.

My Great...Grandfather Marselan Terrance Cryer Sr. fought in the Civil War and was killed at Gettysberg.  Being wounded on July 3rd just one day after his 27th birthday; he died July 4th 1863 from the wounds he received in the battle at Little Round Top under the command of General Hood.  Marselan left a wife and 2 young children.  Do I love him for his sacrifice?  Yes, he has become dear to my heart.

My Dad was a B-17 Bomber Co-pilot during WWII.  His plane was shot down over Germany.  They just barely made it over the Switzerland border before crash landing.  The pilot was killed and my dad suffered sever concussion and head wounds.  Years later, my Dad and Mom returned to the town where his plane crashed.  The towns people held several celebrations and ceremonies honoring my dad and his fellow crewmen.  They expressed their gratitude for the American soldiers that protected them during the war.  I am very proud of my father and his desire to fight for what is right. He is my hero!

My heart is so full of gratitude and pride for these people that shaped my future.  From the 1500's to now, freedom from oppression and injustice still governs many of the decissions that my family makes.  I have a son  that has volunteered to help defend the freedoms and rights of others. He is currently in a far away place.  He is also my hero!

These are 2 of my nephews that are also serving in the military!

I am so grateful to belong to a Church that upholds the religious freedom of everyone.  The Prophet Joseph Smith wrote Thirteen Articles of Faith.  This is what the 11th Article of Faith says: 

We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according 
to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

In church yesterday, we sang several patriotic hymns.  My eyes swelled with tears as I contemplated the freedoms I enjoy and the price paid by other for that freedom.  When was the last time you sang the National Anthem and were able to feel the pride that comes from belonging to this great nation....I hope it has been recently!



  1. What a beautiful tribute to the men in your family that have and continue to defend our country and the freedom it affords us. Thank you!

  2. those are great pics of your dad and son :)

  3. and nephews as well, can't forget them! what a proud family you have :)

  4. what a heritage you have. I honor them, too, for the sacrifices they (and your family) have made for our freedom.


  5. Something about a man in uniform...

  6. What a family heritage. You have a right to feel proud!
    Thank you for following. I have actually followed you for quite a while :)
    Happy Forth

  7. Wow this is a great heritage of heroes. Congrats to your family!

  8. That was really some great history there Becky.
    My dad was the navigator for the SS Incredible Mine Ship and one of the few to come back home. In fact they renamed the ship to Incredible because of the missions they went out on and accomplished. We should all be grateful for what our soldiers have done for our country.

  9. I am so impressed with your bloodline. My grandfather was a US War Veteran...He fought with the Americans during World War II here in the Philippines and was made an American citizen after the war; got his pension from your government.

  10. What richness in your heritage. I'm proud of my family that has fought for freedom over the years as well. Sowing seeds of honor and valor, fighting for what is good and true, allows the next generation to reap a peaceful harvest.

  11. Hi, sweet blogging friend....just wanted to stop by and say "hi". HOPE you had a great 4th and have a blessed week!!!

  12. You have a rich family history of military men. Your Dad was quite a handsome fella!

  13. WOW!!! that is such an awesome post!! how cute is the picture of your dad?! i love learning about the wars and people who fought for our country. thankyou for posting such
    a beautiful memoir!

  14. My Mom fell in love with him while he was serving a mission for our church after the war. He served in her area. He was a hot looking


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