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shout Out! Making the dreaded jobs easier!

I have just recently come across a blogger that is quickly becoming another of my favorites!  TyKes Mom, Over at The North Forty has a down to earth look at everything she does from house cleaning, to family, to cooking, to whatever she does! 

Her motto is: With organization comes relaxation, with frugality comes freedom, with homemaking comes joy.

HERE is a sample of how she makes hated chores easier!  

I invite you to check out her blog and enjoy how 'simply fun' life can be!



  1. gotta loves ways to simplify your life, right?

  2. She certainly makes it sound like there could be a plus side to it.

  3. LOVE that quote. Might have to buy the book. Thanks for the recommendation

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words! :-) I would love to have you write a piece for my blog!

  5. Tykes Mom, I'll be getting that to you next week! Thanks!

  6. I sure do enjoy being able to read and share good articles from fellow bloggers! There are so many inspiring women here!

  7. I'll be checking out the link Becky. Have a great week ahead. :)

  8. Hey Becky --- Were is VB ? What happen to it ? Do you know??

  9. Kirsten,
    I have it showing on both Firefox and iGoogle. Lexie emailed me earlier and said that she was transferring to the new server...maybe that is whats wrong. If you still can't get on in the morning, let me know and I'll pass the word onto Lexie...
    Here is my link that is currently working:


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