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Guest Post - Crying in Stero

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the mother of Twins?  Maybe you have twins and would enjoy reminiscing...

Today's Guest Post comes from Melissa at: MaMe Musings

Crying in Stereo

Date: Summer 2010
Babies' Age: Somewhere between 1-6 weeks

Regrettably, I don't know exactly how old Emily and Drew are in this picture. I found it filed in a folder titled, "Weeks 1-6," which reminds me that I need a better picture filing system.

I don't blame myself too much, though, because those early days were hard-- beautiful, priceless, cherished, but hard.

I was home for 12 weeks on maternity leave. My husband went back to work as soon as we were home from the hospital. His mom stayed a couple of days each week to help out. We had a sitter who came once a week so I could get of the house or nap. Most of the time, it was just the babies and me.

I was just trying to make it through the day. Everything was new. I was learning how to be a mommy to not one baby but two. I was recovering from an incredibly hard c-section and riding a roller coaster of post-pregnancy hormone highs and lows.

There were definitely days when I felt as frustrated as the babies look in this picture. If there was a secret camera in my bedroom, it could have probably captured a similar picture of me around this same time.

I remember going to a Moms of Multiples' Club meeting when I was pregnant. One of the mothers warned all of us expectant moms of "crying in stereo." You know, when two babies are going at the same time and you are surrounded by so much noise you are sure it could be used as a torture device.

This is one of our "crying in stereo" moments.

If there was audio for this picture, I promise you would be cringing. Emily did/does have the loudest cry--ever. Add Drew's wailing, and the windows literally shake.

Since I don't have a clear recollection of this particular incident, I am going to speculate and say that I stopped amid the madness, realized how funny they both looked, grabbed a camera, documented the moment, and then approached the problem in one of the following ways:

A. Picked the Low-Hanging Fruit First
When presented with two screaming babies, sometimes the best option is to choose the baby you know you can quiet the fastest. Bottle? Easy fix. Swing? Easy fix. Diaper change? Easy/hard fix, depending. One quiet baby gives you more patience to deal with the harder case.

B. Oiled the Squeakiest Wheel
Other times, when they were both going, I would choose the loudest first because sometimes, it is a matter of sanity not fairness.

C. Played Fair
When I was feeling mommy guilt, I would try to alternate. Drew then Emily. Emily then Drew. Oh, no. I forgot who went first last.

D. Grabbed the Closest Baby
This plan of attack is all about proximity. You just grab whichever baby is closest and do your thing--fast.

Regardless of the method, I can say that, ultimately, we survived. Today, as busy 14 month olds, they present new challenges, and most of all, new joys.

PS: This picture also illustrates why it really doesn't matter if you buy pink for girls and blue for boys. In a “stereo” moment, you grab the nearest blanket, boppy, and baby and go with it!



  1. Oh, how precious!!! I know you treasure those that you're thru the madness!!! ;-)

  2. This is a wonderful guest post! Melissa, God bless you for your strength in caring for two beautiful babies, especially after a difficult cesarean. I had a horrendous cesarean and could barely handle one! Good for you! I love the ways you approached the situation. The last one made me giggle, but it certainly seems practical. Thank you Becky Jane for sharing this guest post. It was great!

  3. LOL... I know how hard it is to listen to one baby crying. I have no idea how you can not hold your ears when there are two crying.

    Great Post Melissa. I am on my way over to visit your blog.

  4. Our first trip to the OBGYN the Dr. thought Little Bit was twins. I was terrified. My husband did a little jig. The tables turned a few hours later when it was confirmed that Little Bit was in there all by himself. Good luck and prayers for you and your beautiful babies!

  5. I love your disclaimer at the end! I had already noticed the pink/blue mix up and done a double take and a little chuckle! You have a great attitude and I'm sure most days you need it keeping up with double the toddler fun!


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