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Spotlighting Jen from Lead Me...

We're starting something new with our ChristianWomen's Blog Hop.  Each Wednesday Jennifer and I will be spotlighting articles that were submitted on the hop.  You can submit up to 1 article per week by clicking HERE on our Blog Hop and adding your entry! We look forward to reading about your lives as Christian Women!

For today, I've chosen to spotlight Jen at Lead Me... She has written on a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time! I invite you to stop by her blog and leave a comment! Thanks Jen!

"I also want the women to be modest and sensible about their clothes and to dress properly; not with fancy hair styles or with gold ornaments or pearls or expensive dresses,10 but with good deeds, as is proper for women who claim to be religious." ~ 1 Timothy 2: 9-10 {GNT}

Gone are the days of being flabbergasted to see someone hardly dressed at the beach or even at the store. Look how far we have come in the last 100 years!!!

I am afraid to allow my daughters to see the photos that girls put of themselves on Facebook and other social media websites. My heart breaks when I see an innocent young lady showing way too much cleavage or leg. How could parents not notice this display of their child? How could we all let things get this way?

I looked for a picture I could post of someone like Miley example for young girls today. But honestly I could not find one that I would want to share here. Most pictures that I found were either from her Hannah Montana days or just way to revealing and inappropriate. I was shocked!

I sickens me to think of the men who search her name, just to see those pictures. I tell my girls you do not want men looking at you like a piece of meat, any more than you would like being treated like one. So, they must be covered, even swimsuits, and not wear too short or tight fitting clothes. I have had to also take a look at what I was wearing. Not that I didn't already have a conservative wardrobe but I had a few pieces that needed to be as I could be a better example to my teen girls!

They need to liked for who they are in the inside, not what they look like on the outside. And they need to respect God's instructions for their dress modestly and sensibly...for their own protection! A real man will see inward beauty...



  1. great post

    as a man, i am very saddened by our society with so many things

    i think it is so wrong that any man should be able to see the body parts of a young woman that should only be seen by her future spouse

  2. "1 Timothy 2: 9-10" Love that! So very true indeed. I like to think I am pretty modest. Been described as a prude by a few people just because I watch what I wear & how I talk...~Hugs, Leah

  3. @Paul, thanks for giving us a mans view! I agree that there are certain things that should be kept for our spouse only! Being the mom of 6 sons, I appreciate the young woman that dresses and acts modestly!

    @Leah 'Country Charmed Life', I ♥ prudes!

  4. I definitely agree that young women need to learn that there is a lot more value in inward beauty that outer "beauty." Modesty is a reflection of the heart.

    I really love this. Thanks for sharing it Becky!

  5. I've never been the most 'out there' dresser, but I have taken some clothes out that I now feel are too low cut. I don't have the body of a model (in any stretch of the imagination), but I am starting to feel that I don't want or need to show all my goods. Thanks for posting this. I have 3 little girls and I feel the same way you do about how girls dress. This summer was HORRIBLE trying to find shorts for them tha tweren't too short. In fact, my 6 yr old said, "Look Mama! Pretty panties!" when in fact, they were shorts... for her age! Gracious

  6. Hi, My name is Teresa from and I agree with this post. A few weeks ago I watched a show called "What not to wear" and was amazed to hear a woman say she was dressing sexy to keep her fiance. Her top was way too low and her skirt too short. Her teenage daughter and her fiance both confessed that they wished she'd wear more clothes. (Don't even get me started on what a bad example she was for her teenage daughter). The two experts tried to show her that less is not always better but I am not sure she ever understood.

    Didn't know there was a Christian women's blog until I saw it on twitter. Inviting all you ladies to visit me at This whole month is dedicated to breast cancer awareness in honor of my cousin, Martha, who is fighting it for the third time.

    If you would like to use one of my posts about bc awareness, just ask!

    By the way, have you had your mammogram, ladies?

    In Him,

  7. @Kelly, Your comment is so interesting...It is coming more and more apparent that most men don't like it when women dress indecent! If a woman wants to keep her man, it's going to be through her character and not how much of her body she shows.

    To many degrading movies and clothing shops are having an influence on how a woman perceives her self worth...

  8. How do we explain to young women to focus more on inner beauty when so many older women they know are spending many $$$ to have face lifts and body parts altered. It must be a very confusing time to grow up.

  9. @Grandma honey, your point is well taken. Women need to set a good example by realizing their own self worth and then passing it on to others!

  10. its hard to be a woman right now. you are contently bombarded by awful images :(

  11. @Sam, I agree, the media sure is a hindrance...

  12. I shared recently at a MOPS group that parenting for a lifetime begins when kids are little. When parents dress their daughters in "high fashion" preschool diva clothes, we set them up to want to dress trendy as teens -- and then cave in when the battle comes. It's our responsibility to teach morals while their young... and to teach character at the same time. Kids with confidence will stand up to trends when mom and dad properly equip them.

    As far as Hollywood, Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) has taken a strong stand for modesty.

  13. It is sad news for future husband to know that his bride to be, for the most part has shown most of her secret delights that should have been for him only....there is absolutely NO modesty today the old pic of the girl getting into the water .....

  14. Thank you very much, everyone for your thoughtful words! I felt led to write this after reading the book "Worldliness" by C.J. Mahaney. I am looking forward to writing a "Modesty: Part 2" where I will talk about the male's perspective of women's inappropriate attire. Thank you again! ~ Jen @ Lead Me...

  15. I agree totally with this post. We teach our sons to respect modesty in women and our daughters to act with respect and dress with modesty.

  16. Such a good post! I lead a weekly group of Christian teen girls and we have been dealing with this subject alot! I get so sad looking at pictures on Facebook too and regularly talk to the girls about what message they are trying to convey. I have shared with them how hard it is for young men ( I have 3 sons) to keep a pure mind in the midst of the immodesty of this world and that as christian women we do not want to make guys stumble.
    I am excited to see how the girls have grown and changed since we have been pouring ourselves into them.
    Thanks Jen!


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