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Christian Women's Guest Post - We Are All Gods Creatures

Christian Women's Guest Post

I've chosen to replace the Christian Mom's Blog Hop. Now I'll be featuring Guest Posts submitted by Christian Women and Mom's. If you would like to submit an article please do so by sending an email to: riseaboveyiourlimits at gmail dot com. 

Todays article comes from Leah, author of Dipn-Dots.

We Are All Gods Creatures

It should come as no surprise to you that I actually attempt to be nice to all of God’s creatures. Apparently this particular trait goes back a long way!  As I was going through a bunch of family photos the other night, I happened upon a photo of me feeding one of God’s Creatures by hand that was taken back in 1978 and though this post isn’t about that particular photo, I thought it went right along with it all the same.
Colorado 1978
Here in our yard as you know by now, we have a huge pecan tree where a family of squirrels have made several homes.  We watched as Fall was nearing its end, one squirrel move her nest from one location in the tree to a new location.  She carefully filled her home with leaves so that her nest would be warm and cozy in the coming Winter months.
busy building her new home
a warm place for Winter
Then one morning last week, I watched as the little squirrel came down from the tree searching for food.  She dug in places where she had buried her treasures, but I noticed that most of the pecans she had buried were not good.  She tried very hard to make the best of it as she sat perched on the branch of a small tree, treasure in hand nibbling her way to the tasty nourishment she thought to be inside.
anticipation of nourishment
Throughout the Fall, I had been picking up the millions of pecans that fell to the ground and wound up with a nice collection of them in buckets which have been moved to inside our home.  So yesterday, I decided to give the poor little creature a helping hand.  I took two handfuls of pecans and placed them at the base of the pecan tree near the smaller tree she likes to perch on.
sharing fruits of labor
By late yesterday afternoon, all of the treasures I had laid out for her were gone.  She was enjoying the fruits of my labor and it did my heart good to know that she would not starve over the cold Winter months.  So I went back into the house and grabbed more pecans to set down for her.
Posing for the camera
In watching this little girl I was reminded how much my life has been like hers.  Building a home only to have to take up my belongings and move them to a new home.  Searching for nourishment with anticipation that I had found it, only to discover the shell was but a shell bearing no fruit inside.
wondering whether she's safe
Like her, sometimes it was a kind-hearted person who made me feel like I was safe and secure.  In life we are all Gods Creatures, great and small and by that it is up to us all to look out for each other.



  1. Good Morning Becky Jane, I was given an appreciation award and thought of you and wanted to share the joy and pass along the appreciation to you. Thank you so much for being so faithful to visit my blog and extend your friendship to "me" the blog owner! :0)
    Visit my blog today and receive your award. I appreciate you tremendously....

  2. Sweet Becky, thank you so much for putting me in the spotlight this week. You are so amazing to do that! Big hugs to you....xo

  3. I love this image. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I was reading in my Bible study this morning about how our ministry is to the person in front of us. If we reach out to those around us, we can make a difference in others' lives. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this post about giving but also being willing to receive. Too often we short-change others joy because we're not willing to be humble and say yes to the gift someone's offering. God, give me a heart filled with humility!

  5. that is so sweet, and i like the metaphor

  6. Great pictures Becky Jane. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this touching story. I love the photos they bring your story to life.

  8. Love this post! :) Happy Friday!

  9. I love the first shot! That was taken 2 years after I was born.

  10. Great pictures I love them all and the sentiment is very inspiriing.

  11. Congrats on Featured Member, Becky Jane!
    I love people who care for animals like this! I, too, have always loved animals to this degree! Nice photos to go with the words:)

  12. what a sweet post, love the pics !!


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