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My Cocoa Detox Berry Smoothie Has Been Featured

As many of you know, my blog has taken a turn towards


As one of my additions, I've been posting a few of my very own favorite and simple recipes under the RECIPES and KITCHEN VANITIES labels on my blog. One of my favorites, Cocoa Berry Detox Smoothie, has been featured on The Institute For Integrative Nutrition's website, located in the ORANGE For Cancer Prevention section.


Along with 56 other smoothie and juice recipes, you'll find an array of healthy, cooling summertime
recipes. Instead of reaching for soda pop or sugary drinks, fill your body with delicious, refreshing nutrition!

A few other changes will be coming soon to my blog - one that's already up is my new tab -Become A Health Coach. I'll be adding new health and wellness information to the site in the near future!

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..... This is an exciting time to be on the cutting edge of holistic nutrition! Hope you're enjoying the blog transformation.



  1. You're awesome, Ms. Becky. So proud of you!

  2. Congrats on the feature, that rocks! :)

  3. This is wonderful--I look forward to your new posts and reading up on some new, healthy eating recipes!

  4. Congratulations that is awesome. Way to go! I will watch for all your new changes.

  5. Congrats, Becky! Another feather in your cap :).

    I'm seriously considering getting myself a juicer. I want to pursue living and eating healthy. I owe it to myself and to my daughter. I guess I'm going to keep visiting your blog for recipes :)

    1. Thanks Pepper Tan, I would recommend getting a blender like Vita Mix or Blend Tec instead of juicing. My 3 reasons are 1)Blending keeps all the fiber in the smoothie which is a valuable part of nutrition. 2) Juicing gives the body such a high concentration of sugar - although it's healthy sugar,it's still too much for one drink. This increases the insulin levels in the body to an unhealthy level. 3) Juicers are a pain to clean but blenders are super easy.


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