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How Much Are You Worth?

Most of us put a price tag on how much we're worth.
It could be a monetary price tag such as -

I'm worth $10.00 an hour because that's what I get paid at my job.
My house is expensive therefore I have worth.
My income can't even pay the bills, therefore I'm of little worth.

It could also be a value price tag such as -

I'm not worth much because I make so many mistakes, I'm too fat, I have no friends.

Being the CEO makes me worth more.

Both of these price tags are false ways of determining our worth.  Most of society judges our worth by performance - if we perform well we get recognized in positive ways such as:


If we don't perform well, society lets us know that too, usually in demeaning ways such as:

being looked over
being ignored

Everywhere we look there is something or someone telling us we're not quite adding up.
  • advertising
  • associates
  • TV
  • diets
  • mannequins wearing clothes too small for any normal sized person to wear
    The list goes on....
Not only does society as a general rule sabotage us, but we are sabotaging ourselves by what we think and say about ourselves.

How often have we looked in the mirror just to turn away disgusted with what we saw? How often have we done something stupid and sent these messages to our brain I'M SO STUPID, I'LL NEVER CHANGE, I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT.

We're going to step aside from what society is telling us and what we keep telling ourselves. We're going to take a look deep within ourselves and see the TRUTH.

  • Our worth was determined long before we were born.
  • Our worth is not based on performance.
  • Our worth is unchanging and unchangeable.

Do you believe this? Do you know this is true?

Who determined our worth?

Before we came to earth, we were created by a Supreme Being. We are HIS children.

Take a minute and let that sink in....

Being children of a Supreme Being gives us quite a bit of worth wouldn't you say? Does HE love us less because we make mistakes, or because we're overweight? Does HE love us less because we don't have a high paying job or lots of friends?

These are important questions that most people don't quite know the answers to.

Picture yourself standing before HIM. What do you think HE would say to you. Will you recognize HIM? If we're his children then we must look like HIM and HE looks like us. RIGHT?

So - what does understanding our worth have to do with health and nutrition? 

First of all, the RELATIONSHIP we have with ourself is a valuable part of healing and health.

Second, we can't have a healthy relationship with others, until we love and appreciate ourselves. Understanding and accepting the basic principle -

Our worth isn't determined by our performance the beginning of healing and good health.



  1. True. And I think it heps to stay away from tv too.

  2. This was very sweet to post, and very true. Our worth isn't in anything we do or obtain, that's for absolute certain.

  3. such a lovely post--I know there are time I feel like I'm not worth much--but the Supreme Being was will to pay the ultimate cost (his Son) so I am worth more then I can even comprehend.

    1. Pamela, Your point is one that causes a lot of introspective thought. The divine love that Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ have for us is mind boggling.

  4. So true. Way before we were born, we were made to be more than conquerors, yet we consistently compare ourselves to worldly things -- media, our co-workers, what we think we should be -- it's sad. But this post is very uplifting. It is right on time. It's a beautiful reminder and puts things into perspective. :-)

    1. arirjames,
      'Being more than conquerors' is a good way to put it.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a thought-filled comment.

  5. We can't move forward in life without realizing our own self worth. How can we love others if we can't love ourselves? Good, thought-proving post!

    1. I completely agree menopausal mama. Even if we're experiencing 'strange' things like we can look at our experiences and gain so much from them.

  6. I love this post! I need to print it out and pin it to my fridge as a daily reminder, not just for myself, but for my teens as well, who can be so affected by what they hear from others and see on tv!

    1. Kim,
      Like you said, teens have it pretty rough. Once they grasp the truth about worth not being connected with performance, their lives get so much easier. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Wow, such a powerful post Becky. I believe I am worthy because God said I am. That is the most important person to listen to, after all we aren't going to live in this world forever. It's better to store your treasures in Heaven and not of earthly things.

    1. Yes Christi, He knows us better than anyone and the closer we get to HIM, the more we feel HIS love. Not that HIS love has increased, but that our ability to feel HIS love has increased.

  8. Great post. I totallly agree -- and I realize when I find myself down in the dumps, I've defined my worth by the wrong thing. It's good to keep our eye on what's most important, being who God created us to be. Life just works better when we work with him instead of against him.

    1. Thanks for your heartfelt comment my dear friend. Your insight is so appreciated.

  9. Thanks for this lovely post. I needed some inspiration, and this totally made my day. :)

  10. I know I'm one who has a lot to learn about self-worth. I keep forgetting that I am special because I'm a child of God. Thanks for the gentle reminder, Becky :)


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