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How to Handle a Grumpy Mom

This post is for an entry in the Parenthood Blogfest. If chosen it will be published in a fantasy anthology on parenting published by Wayman Publishing. I hope you enjoy it. Before getting to my submission – How to Handle a Grumpy Mom, I’d like to share a bit about the successful how-to book that is taking the blogging world by storm…..

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Now on to my submission -

How to Handle a Grumpy Mom (This is an updated version from a post I wrote for Mother's Day 2012)

One of my most humbling moments as a young mother brings tears and laughter. It reminds me that I need to be the best Mom I can because the kids are watching…and learning...and teaching!

Once upon a time when I was a young mother, my 2 oldest girls were ages 7 and 5. One of their chores was to wash and dry the dishes. Most of the time they did a good job, but once in a while they would play around and play around until it drove me nuts.  This particular evening was especially trying.  The girls were having fun, too much fun and dishes were not getting done.  I didn't want to spend my evening repeatedly telling them to get the dishes done so we could move on to other things.

Putting on my grump face and my grumpy tone of voice I let the girls know they'd better get to it and NOW!

Not long after, I was in the other room and I could hear my girls busily doing the dishes and happily singing the old familiar children's song:

Mother Dear I love you so,
Your happy smiling face.
It's such a joy to look at,
It makes home a lovely place.

Lesson learned- Mother was taught!



  1. Awww! I love how God's kindness helps us see clearly. I enjoyed this post. :)

  2. Even when grumpy you had to have been a really great mom.


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