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Review - Widows Mite Book

Two more items added to my Wordless Wednesday Caption Contest gift bags!

One of my most favorite things to do as the holidays grow nearer is to read Christmas stories.  Stories that remind me to rememberwhat Christmas is all about. Recently I read my first book for the holidays.  I know it’s a bit soon, but my dear friend, Christina Dymock, has just published her book, THE WIDOW’S MITE. And I couldn’t wait to read it!  Her story is thought provoking and written for the women of our times.  It is a gentle and ‘easy read’ story, perfect for the holidays!

Fifteen of my lucky followers will get a chance to win her book in the next coming months. I am including one of Christina’s books, THE WIDOW’S MITE, as one of the items in the gift packages for my Wordless Wednesday Caption Contest Winners!

Watch for a full Authors Interview with Christina coming November 8th on my blog!  In the meantime, I'm sure you will enjoy visiting her fun filled and imaginative blogs at  My Amateur Adventures and Kids-able Treats !

The second item I'm adding comes from my neighbor, Sarah.  She began making her Flower Clips just for fun, but they have become so popular, that I am adding one of her Flower Clip's to each of the Wordless Wednesday Caption Contest gift bags!  

These clips are so versatile and cheery!  The winner can keep it for themselves or give as a gift!

I am getting so excited about my Wordless Wednesday Caption Contests!  I've been collecting some very fun pictures...all of which have been taken by family...each one unique and worth a thousand words...but, you only need to come up with a few.  Click HERE for details on Wordless Wednesday... and Monday's Holiday Shoppe's!


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