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Shoppe - Bliss

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas fast approaching, I have decided to give all my terrific readers a shopping guide to some amazing shops.  Every Monday from now until after Christmas, I will be highlighting and reviewing a shop that offers unique gifts and holiday items.  So stop on by every Monday and enjoy shopping from the comfort of home.  Let’s enjoy the holidays together!

This weeks shoppe is BlissHer packaging is as light and inviting as her products…sweet and sophisticated!  For an added detail she has a short quote printed on her soaps and lotions…a quote that is applicable to each scent! 
(I have chosen to include one of her Cleansing bars and a tube of Lip Tint as part of the gift for my Wordless Wednesday Caption Contest starting October 6th. )

create a moment of...
Simple Bath indulgences.
Enchanting scents.
Simple design.

Blue & White
Cleansing Bars
Olive Oil—Translucent bar with a dense, smooth lather
Shea Butter—Pretty, white bar with a soft, creamy lather.
Goat’s Milk—Creamy white bar with a delicate lather.

Pink & White                                                               
Body Lotion—A light, moisturizing lotion that absorbs 
quickly. Made with beeswax, and aloe vera juice.
Satin & Silk Hand Cream—A rich cream made with 
Shea butter, aloe and silk amino acids.
Lip Tint—Moisturizing lip tint made with Coconut Oil, 
Beeswax, Almond Oil and Avocado Oil.                                                            
Available in Burgundy, Blush, Copper and Nude. 

enchanting scents for the holidays. . .
spellbound woods
red apple
black amber & lavender
cold water
pumpkin spice
pomegranate & red currant
starry night
first snow
ginger pear
christmas spice 

My family and I have been using Bliss products for several months.  Here is our take on them:
Cleansing Bars –
·         CL (Hubby) – Smooth, not rough. Nice man’s scent w/o being overpowering.
·         Tatty – Nice and fresh
·         Beaver – Clean and simple.
·         Rosebud – Doesn’t dry out my skin, creamy, smells good, easy to tell it’s made from quality ingredients.
·         J2 - Love that it’s all natural, smells good, squeaky clean feeling.

Lip Tint –
  •  My take – I’m a real stickler for lip balm.  I have actually had lip balms that dry out my lips and leave a caked feeling.  With Bliss Lip Tint, my lips stay smooth and moisturized.  It doesn’t cake up or dry out my lips.  I especially  enjoy her darker tints because they give my lips a gentle coloring without a thick lip stick look.
  • J2 - Replaced all my others with Bliss Lip Tint.
  •  Rosebud  – Lasts a long time on my lips, keeps them moist.

Body Lotion / Satin & Silk Hand Cream –
  • Lulu - I like that it’s all natural and works…not a bunch of additives that make it crappy.  Other creams, you pay for the name but don’t always get good quality, but with Bliss, you get a good quality product and a good price…Not greasy, absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft.
  •  J2 – Smells gorgeous. Really light and my skin felt like silk.
  • Rosebud - Not greasy, moisturizes for a long time.
To purchase Bliss products, contact Laura at:

Thermopolis, WY 82443

She has been so busy meeting orders…not online yet, but coming soon!


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