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Review - Shark Steam Mop

Best Way To Clean Floors W/O Chemicals

Shark Steam Mop!
Several months ago, my married daughter, Dot, called me to tell me about this amazing floor mop.  She was so excited about how easy it was to use and urged me to get one. Sorry to say, I didn't act right away, thinking I was too busy to look at another mop.  Then in August, I hired a housekeeper, yes!... I did what every woman dreams of...I got a Housekeeper.  She comes in once a day for about 3 hours.  I got to looking at my over 1,000 sq. ft. of flooring and then at the pitiful mop I had and realized my housekeeper deserved a better floor cleaning system.  I got on Amazon and checked out the Shark Steam Mop.  After reading several reviews and talking to Dot again, I decided to purchase the Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pro.

My housekeeper could hardly wait for it to arrive.  She has been using it for 3 weeks now and loves how easy it is to use.  She and I both love the fact that it requires no chemicals to clean.  The mop heats up cold tap water and deep cleans my floors!  There were some old paint spots on one of my floors that wouldn't come off.  The first time using the Shark, my housekeeper got the paint spots off!  The mop pads are designed so both sides can be used.  After use, my housekeeper rinses the pads out by had with dish soap, but, Dot just tosses her's in the clothes washer!

I have tried several different types of mops and floor cleaning systems, just to throw them away after a few weeks, but the Shark is sturdy and so easy to use.  It has a long cord and requires NO batteries...another plus!

I think my housekeeper is very funny!  She keeps asking me if there are any more floors in the house that she can clean, because the Shark Mop is so fun to use.  She and her married daughter are both going to buy one to use in their own homes!

Amazon did not approach me asking me to review their product. I did this review because I appreciate any time house work can be made easier.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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