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Review - Crystal All Natural Deoderant


Crystal - All Natural Protection...No Aluminum Chlorohydrates

Smelly Arm pits are really and truly the PITS... 

Antiperspirants/Deodorants and I have been at war for a very long time.  When they started publishing that antiperspirants had ingredients that were harmful to the body, I went on a never ending search for something more natural that would still do the job.  Over the years I have tried so many different products I've lost count.  Seems my underarms are very sensitive and don't like deodorants. I would get a rash every time and have to go back to antiperspirants...I figured this was just one thing that I would have to (very nervously) live with, and I consigned myself to the 'pit of despair'.

Then I was introduced to
All Natural Protection CRYSTAL Body Deodorant.        
So far I've only used the stick but they offer a variety
of products such as : 
This is what I like best about CRYSTAL:
  1. It is formulated for men and women
  2. Safe to use, and no rash
  3. Doesn't leave a pasty film
  4. Simple ingredients
  5. No Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  6. Endorsed by the Kansas City Cancer Center and many other hospitals
I am excited to finally find a product that works and is more 'pit of despair'.
Disclaimer - This review was done by myself and the opinions are my own.


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