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Shoppe - Bella Lily

Bella Lily exceeded my expectations when it came to the quality of her workmanship.   

The Cluster Necklace I received was fashioned with eight different beads, pearls and crystals. 

 It is exquisitely designed. She has named this particular necklace “Audra”.
When my Cluster Necklace arrived, I literally gasped at the beauty…since then I’ve been showing it to everyone and they all comment on how lovely it is.  My sister is in a constant state of coveting it!!!  (Not hard to guess what I'm getting her for Christmas...)

In her shoppe she has these vintage Halloween ornaments that are delightful!

I'm inviting you to get to know Cheryl and her shoppe better as you read her write up and see pictures of just a few of her delightful items she has crafted!
Bella Lily is the collaboration of me and my longtime friend Julie West. We started the business about a year and a half ago. It began with more home oriented items - ornaments, wreaths, wall sconces etc. We both have always been drawn to antiques and vintage inspired items and our home decor reflected that.
The jewelry end of it began last Summer. I love unique bold pieces and figured I could make them myself so I began playing around. The business started locally in Atlanta with artist markets and jewelry parties for friends and family. A friend of Julies mentioned Etsy so we decided to give it a try.
Our pieces are vintage inspired. We take a lot of our ideas from Art Nouveau and a lot of the newer statement necklaces I am working on are inspired by the costume pieces worn in the 30's and 40's. Julie is more delicate in her style - I prefer bolder beaded pieces. I love making cluster style necklaces and charm bracelets.

 I mix lots of different kinds of beads to create a bit more visual intrest. Our shop also features home items including vintage inspired holiday ornaments and wreaths. We hope that sets us apart from all the other jewelry shops on Etsy. 

We eventually want to open our own store and try to tailer Etsy to reflect the mix of items we would offer. We are currently listing fall and Halloween items and plan on having Christmas items as well. We will offer custom orders on our ornaments.
Enhanced by ZemantaBella Lily has a remarkable assortment of items for the holidays...I know you will enjoy giveing her high quality and unique crafts as gifts and for decorating your home!  I have HEARTED Bella Lily's Etsy Shop and I expect you'll want to also!


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