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Shoppe - Fancy Findings

I’m a Vintage girl by heart, so when I found aimeeb2 Fancy Findings Etsy Shop I was in Heaven!  Her vintage style reached out and grabbed me. 

Aimee sent me a pair of earrings to review
They were wrapped so pretty... I hated to open the box!
When Tatty and even Buster saw the box they commented on how pretty it was and couldn’t wait to see what was inside!

2010-10-09 18.18.39.jpg

Inside the box were these beautiful Rose Earrings!  Rose colored with a hint of sparklies to catch the light, these earrings tasefully can be worn by my teens or by me. They are quality made to last... and yet delicate.

2010-10-09 18.33.21.jpg

Her shop offers many unique gifts I'm sure you would love to include in your Holiday shopping!

Rue de Courcelles - Rosette Hair Clip with Vintage Crystals

Stroud - English Vintage Brooch/Pendant

One of the most intriguing and unique finds in her shop are these Vintage Book Clutches by Tome Totes!
This one is made from a 1950 edition of Little Women
Don't worry, she saved the book and recovered it so it can be read and can purchase this also!

The Jungle Book Clutch

Jungle Book - Vintage Book Clutch by Tome Totes

Jungle Book - Vintage Book Clutch by Tome Totes

She has so many beautifl items in her shop!  If you're not quite into Vintage, she also makes other items like these cute...

Flower Button Earrings

Here Comes the Sun - Flower Button Earrings

And for the Bride...

So you can get to know Aimee a little better, here is a write up she included for you!

As a graduate student studying English I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do get a minute to myself, I like to craft!  My mom and I have been making beaded jewelry for about 8 years and I just expanded from there.  I love vintage dresses and jewelry, so many of my products are vintage inspired or vintage finds from treasure hunts all over the globe!  I've recently started making book purses out of antique books and just think they are perfect for the bookworm in your life.  I haven't added these Tome Totes yet, but I have 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Vintage), Lissey's Story (Stephen King), Shakespeare of London (Vintage).  There are more pictures and stories you can read here:

 I offer free US shipping on many of my smaller items and selected earrings from the Whimsy Collection come with a free gift if you buy three or more participating items.

aimeeb2 Shop has a large selection of items for you and those on your holiday list...I invite you to stop in and enjoy shopping!


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