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Shoppe - ScrapBug Designs

With autumn comes all sorts of delightful sights, sounds and smells!  But one smell I can’t stand is my house once the windows are shut.  It’s not a terrible smell, just a stale smell.  For years I’ve tried to remedy it and nothing has worked.

Recently, I have had the treat of reviewing ScrapBug Designs…a delightful shop on Etsy.  She sent me a sample of her Wax Melts
12 pc Sampler Set Soy Blend Wax Melt/Tarts

 and a glass pendant

Glass Washi Pendant 1 Inch Square--Purple Cherry Blossoms
When I opened her package a wonderful scent entered the room!!! I felt like I’d entered a bakery and florist shop, it smelled so yummy!

All last week I’ve been using her Pumpkin Soufflé Wax Melt . Tatty and Hubby have picked it as their favorite…this scent is definitely on the keeper list! My house smells so DELICIOUS...and the scent has lasted for over a week!

Buster likes the Country Gift Shop scent and we are all anxious to try her Christmas Past scent in December.

One thing I particularly like about her Wax Melts is that they don’t give me a headache like some scents do!

I love her Gardenia Wax Melt especially because it reminds me of my grandparent’s home in Texas...they had a gardenia plant right outside their front door!

ScrapBug Designs not only offers her regular sized Wax melt Tarts but she has put together several trial size packages. You can get a 12 Piece Sampler at a great price of only $10.00. That way you can smell which ones you like the best!

Another item she carries in her shop are her Glass Pendants.  The one she sent me is well crafted and beautiful.  I'm saving it for a Christmas gift for one of my daughters!

Here are some fun Glass Pendants she has for Halloween!  If you don’t enjoy dressing up for Halloween, but still like to get into the Spirit of things, one of these Glass Pendants would be the perfect solution!
Glass Pendant 1 Inch Square--Jack O Lantern on Black
Glass Pendant 1 Inch Square--Ghost on Orange and Black
Glass Pendant 1 Inch Square--Jack O Lantern with Stripes
Now that you've had a chance to visit ScrapBug Designs Shoppe, I'd like to introduce you to the creative talent behind the shoppe!

In my shop, ScrapBug Designs, you will find a collection of all the crafts that have caught my fancy.  I have scented wax melts that are wonderfully scented and glass pendants in a variety of images with many more to come.  I have other items I sell locally that will eventually make it into my shop.  ScrapBug Designs is my creative outlet.  I am a stay at home mom of four beautiful children and I love the people I meet through my crafts.  From selling face to face at markets, festivals and craft shows to interacting with the great sellers and buyers at Etsy, I get the opportunity to meet many new people while still caring for my children.  The name of my shop, ScrapBug Designs, comes from my past life--or my "before kids" life.  Once upon a time, I obtained a degree in Entomology (the study of insects) and taught junior high science.  My husband suggested "ScrapBug" and I thought it was perfect.  

Her specials include:

Pendants are buy 2 get 1 free.  Three 3 ounce clamshells of wax melts is $10 ($12 if bought individually) and I have the samplers 12 for $10 if people want to try scents before they buy a full clamshell.  

Click HERE to visit her blog!


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