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Motel Mondays With The Family

For the next few months, I'm going to be posting about our life adventures in a motel! 2 adults and 3 teens sharing 1 motel room  with 1 bathroom (did I mention 2 of the teens are girls?) There will be humorous posts, drama posts, and posts of insanity....but it will all be fun! Did I mention that CL and I are sharing a motel room with our 3 teens? Find out why HERE

(All my past Motel Monday posts can be viewed HERE.)

Welcome to week 12

Sometimes my kids really surprise me.  

The other evening Joka asked if we could have a family counsel. She had something she wanted to talk about.  We all piled on the bed, (the only place where we all fit...LOL) 

Joka started out by reminding us that we only had a few more weeks living in the hotel and that she wanted to make it the BEST 2-3 weeks ever. We got into a conversation about how the normal bickering and arguing had picked up. She recognized that they were spending more time bickering than being nice to each other and it was causing an unhappy atmosphere in our 'home'. 

CL agreed that even though we were all living in one room in a hotel, this was our current home and we needed to work together to make it more of a home. He reminded the kids that lately they had not been as obedient as they should.  Especially when they were arguing with each other and CL or I would tell them it was time to stop, yet, they would continue...

Tatty added that she felt their arguments had gotten worse because each one of them wanted to have the last word, and that none of them would stop arguing until the other had stopped first. (I must say, she hit the nail right on the head.) 

Through all this, Buster had been quiet. I asked him what he thought about all this; his comment was that he had no typical of my sweet 13 year old son.  He is pretty easy going.

I love it when kids take responsibility for their actions and for themselves. This evenings family counsel lasted for quite awhile and  ended with Joka asking that we have a family prayer and a family fast that we could learn to stand together more as a united family and to remember that we love each other first and foremost.

Out of the mouths of babes...

This mommy heart is full!



  1. It is so nice when the kids realize where the problems are and how they can be fixed! My 8 year old just last week said, "You know mommy, I feel bad when I am mean to my brother or I make bad choices. I feel good and happy when I am nice and make good choices." It is such a wonderful moment to know that he recognized the relationship between the two.

    1. What a great moment for him and you. He's on the right track. Probably because his mom is a great teacher.

  2. Sounds like y'all have raised some awesome kids!!!

  3. How precious! You and your husband have obviously been great role models for your children...what a blessing!

  4. All I can say Becky is that it is all your doing, and your Hubs. That is why your kids are such sweethearts.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  5. Oh wow! You must have done something so perfect your kids turn out this way :) No wonder your mommy heart is full. I would die of sheer bliss! Your family is so blessed :)

    Spanish Pinay

  6. What a proud mommy moment for you. It is nice when kids correct the situation themseleves. Most of the time they are quick to blame others but never take responsability for their own actions. My kids have not reached the teenage years yet but I always hear stories about the challenges with teenagers. Nice to hear a positive one. Gives me hope that I can survive when my kids reach that age. Ha!

  7. Wow. They sound very mature and I love that they're calling it out and working together.

  8. That is one proud mommy moment right there! Your daughter is showing great maturity in her emotions and her faith wanting to invite God's best into difficult living arrangements. Smiling with you!

  9. After what you've all been through, your joy will soon come your way. It'll be like caged animals being set free [not wild of course- you know what I'm meaning, don't you?] I think for the most part you all have been stronger than I would ever have been.

    And your children are wise beyond their years!!! Trust got a good thing going there---of course you need not be told. I know you know, just by what I just read here.


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